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OK, on this Sunday morning the con is not officially over but basically over for me. I’ve been in my hotel room in bed sick since Saturday AM. I don’t think I’ve been sick in like..3 years so naturally I get it while at Comic Con. NOOOOOOOOO!! Seriously sick, like it hurt to get out of bed to get water sick.

BUT…my trip/Con from Tuesday – Friday was AMAZING! And really I mean Friday was AMAZING! Sat in line from noon Thursday till about 10pm to get wristbands for Friday’s Hall H. My con partner, Sonya, and I were in line Thursday for The Last Ship panel around 11:15am. And we looked at each other at the same time and said “I think we should get in line now for Hall H.” We had planned on getting in line right after The Last Ship panel but we both had this feeling. So we got out of line and went down there. The line seemed to be about 500-750 people. Now more people would joining all of those people but we felt secure in not being 6500 people before us.

Sat in the sun all day long and waited. Made new friends in line :) Around 7pm, the line got quite hectic (and the twitter drama following it all!) as there were line cutters and security had to be called and, once again, SDCC was unprepared to handle these issues. So we were starting to get stressed that we wouldn’t actually make it in. But we did – got B wristbands and we were allowed to leave the line and sleep in our rooms and shower (I *really* wish everyone would take advantage of that…)

Got back in line at 6am and waited some more. Got to see some line cutters get removed from the line – that was fun! We all yelled SHAME at them as they were escorted past us. LoL.

Anyway – got in and saw everything I love: The Walking Dead panel (OMG trailer for season 6 is INTENSE!) and Game of Thrones panel (quite obvious they went out of their way to avoid the Is Jon Really Dead question.) Plus a panel for Fear the Walking Dead which looks GREAT! The Entertainment Weekly panel after GoT was full of hero hotties who were hysterical!!! :) And then STAR WARS!

Obviously happy to see everyone but let’s be real – I was out of my mind to see Harrison Ford! :) SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!! I had just seen the rest of the cast at Star Wars Celebration in April but no Mr Ford (who was still recovering from his plane crash.) The place was bonkers when he came out. Bonkers.

And THEN after the panel we got treated to a special Hall H attendee only Star Wars concert with fireworks! We all walked from Hall H to the San Diego Symphony music center down on the water. Mark Hamill drove by us and was talking to fans and waving. Daisy Ridley did the same and was high-fiving as they drove by.

We got light sabers and the music was played to footage (the previous 6 movies, not new footage) and the fireworks display was FANTASTIC. And everyone there loves Star Wars and the energy was just awesome.

My throat had been dry all day but I assumed it was just because I was so exhausted. But when I woke up Saturday AM to try and get ready for the day – I could barely move. Getting out of bed for water hurt. And my throat was on fire. So I’d like to thank whoever came to SDCC fully infected with sickness. I hope you still feel sick for weeks.

As sad as it made me to not get out there on Saturday, I knew I a) felt too horrible and b) didn’t want to be that person who was germy everywhere. I missed out on a lot but 99% of my excitement for this year’s con was for Star Wars. So I got my fill and more. Best Con Day Ever – Friday 7/10/15.

You can see the panel here:

You can see the Behind the Scene footage here:

And then ME in a video down by Verizon (for Facebook). In the same vide as Harrison Ford – ARGH!!!! (I’m about 35 seconds in waving with my Chewie backpack on :) :) :) ) This was Thursday night while we were in line for wristbands to Hall H…for Friday…

Check out what #StarWars brought to #SDCC2015. We’re excited for December 18th!

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I took a bazillion pics but these are a few of my favorites:

The Legacy trio!

The Legacy trio!

I love you. I know. :)

I love you. I know. :)

Star Wars panel 3

Star Wars panel 4

San Diego Comic Con 2013 is over. I hate the day after con withdrawal. But I am quite happy to be home to Stormy!

What a trip! Up at 4:30am Wednesday morning to arrive early enough to check-in, drop luggage off and get in line for badge pick-uo. Once in line, we made line friends. This is key to con survival in my opinion. You spend a LOT of time in lines and I can’t just sit and read the whole time. Ended up meeting very nice people from LA, NY and DC. We played card games, chatted about what we all wanted to see, our past con experiences and what we wanted when we hit the floor running tonight! Turned out we wanted similar things so we divided and conquered and each picked a booth and bought the items for the others. Met up over the next couple days to exchange and it worked out perfectly!!!

Then we got our badges and moved to the exhibit hall line where we waited for hours again. But we kept our line friends :) Then we got on to the floor and I had to run across the the entire exhibit hall to get to the Funko booth….with a huge line. DOH! No good line friends there, but made friends with some security and Funko people. I won 2 things while waiting in the Funko line and got ALL of the items I wanted plus the items my friends wanted!!! Sonya had gone to the Marvel booth and got us the exclusive Old Man Logan figure and Levi got us the Stark Shields! Our line friend went to Hasbro and got Sonya the Star Wars Angry Birds set and me the Boba Fett and Han in Carbonite – exclusive black series. VERY productive evening!!!

Then we dropped off our haul at the hotel and went to dinner at Nobu. SO. SOOO. Yummy.


Thursday was a floor morning and Hall H afternoon. We hit up the Walking Dead booth first and went on from there. The booths by the big shows/studios were all great as usual. No line for Hall H yet so we walked in and the seat master (my friend Sonya who I always go to cons with) got us seats in dead center row 11!!! For HARRISON FORD!!!

First up was the Entertainment Weekly Visionaries panel. It’s 3 directors with movies coming out. They were all fantastic. But I really liked Edgar Wright- he was FUNNY. Then the Divergent panel. I had never even heard of the movie and barely recall hearing about the books. But the panel was fantastic. A lot of the cast showed up as well as the author and it was a very fun panel. Footage looked great and it intrigued me enough to download the first 2 books of the series (3rd coming out soon.) I’m about 1/3 of the way through Book 1 and really like it so far.

Then it was Ender’s Game time. Again, I have barely heard of the book but, according to the panel, is required by the US Military? Between that and the footage, I was intrigued enough to download Book 1 of that series too. Will start after Divergent 1 and 2. But of course, the main reason I was in that Hall H today was for my man. He never, ever, never does cons. When he showed up unannounced for Cowboys & Aliens 2 years ago the place erupted into to a giant flashbulb and long, unending scream. This time he was announced a week or 2 ago. Hall H was easily 1/2 empty when we showed up around 12:30. But as it got closer to Enders Game panel time (3:30 I think), the place filled up completely and there ended up being a line of people who didn’t get in. Every single person in our section said they were there for Harrison Ford. Of course :)

Of course the applause and screaming and flashbulbs went on forever when he came out. And of course during the Q&A you get the jackass who doesn’t ask him about his current movie but instead a Han Solo/Indiana Jones question. This is the reason he doesn’t go to these things. The question was “if Han Solo and Indiana Jones met, what would they say?” Everyone in the hall booed the guy and yelled noooooooo. Come on. Harrison took off his glasses, looked around and said “I’m never coming back here” and started to get up. He was obviously kidding and chuckled and sat back down. Then said “I don’t know…..’Hi. How are you?'” He has definitely settled himself comfortably into the role of the lovable curmudgeon with a dry sense of humor we all can’t help but love. Got a few good pics but this is my favorite..


Sonya and I both agreed that I could have *easily* run up there and jumped him before security could stop me. But I restrained myself :)

Another awesome Thursday activity was being a pool of gold and silver!!! This is my ultimate Uncle Scrooge goal (but with real gold and silver) :)



We left Hall H after the Enders Game panel was done. More floor time, drop stuff at hotel and then dinner at Lolita’s. Carne Asada fries! O.M.G. We ran into some friends so went to the MTV2 party after dinner with them. We lasted about 1 hour. Not my thing. But a big party that I think MTV spent a boatload on. Live bands that I might know if I was a tweener. Huge fireworks display, tons of interactive stuff all around plus free food and wine/beer/sodas. Plus free giant glowsticks :) It didn’t have one single thing to do with SDCC other than being a spectacle but oh well.

Friday was a beast. Sonya’s fiancee camped out in Hall H line starting around midnight. We met him around 5:30-6ish with Starbucks. Day was loaded with The World’s End (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, Kick Ass 2 (cast), Riddick (Vin Diesel and Katee Sackhoff), The Walking Dead (huge cast panel) and The Game of Thrones (huge cast panel.) All were great but I think GOT was my favorite. Although the footage for TWD S4 was INSANE!!! But besides the fact that I love the books and TV series and the cast are always great to see on these panels, they started the panel with lights off and this video:


ONLY watch if you are caught up on Season 3! It’s an In Memoriam of all the characters who have died through the 3 seasons set to Boys to Men and with a little humor thrown in. GREAT execution. They never have footage to show since their season just ended and hasn’t start filming for the next season yet. So they need to be creative and always are. During the panel, Jason Momoa ruhed onstage and kissed Emilia Clarke (Daenerys). I didn’t hear what he said to her but then as he rushed off she said “My Sun and Stars…” You could tell they were all surprised by his fly-by so that was fun :)

After the GOT panel ended, my friends went off and did their thing and I went to the floor for a bit. Picked up a drawing I had commissioned on Artists Alley:


It really is amazing watching these guys draw.

The GOT cast were at the WB booth. Peter Dinklage waved at me. But sooo crowded around there I left pretty quickly. After checking out the floor for a bit, decided to head over to check out the stuff on the lawn at the Hilton Bayfront. Checked that all out and decided to get a soda and sit down. As I was tweeting/instagramming/facebooking, I looked up and saw Jason Momoa (aka Khol Drogo.) I jumped up and asked for a pic! He was very sweet and even though his handler was trying to rush him away, he did. When he saw my Chewbacca phone case he said “Your Chewbacca phone is a f***ing awesome!” LOL


By Friday night, we were all far too tired to even consider camping for Hall H on Friday night/Saturday morning. We all really wanted to see everything in there but at some point, your adultness sets in and a bed and shower sound better. I really think they will need to do something about the camping. Pretty much not fair if a family with kids or 60 yr old wants to see a Hall H panel but can’t because camping is truly a suck option. Plus being that exhausted makes for not as fun of a day, IMO. And frankly, the non-showering situation is very noticeable. But oh well. I’ll find a college kid and pay him to camp for me next year. Capitalism will prevail.

So Sonya and I did Ballroom 20 all day instead. Only had to line up at 6:30am! And then Sonya’s seat-masterness won again – front row! All fun panels PLUS I got to run to the floor and pick up the last SDCC13 exclusive collectible that I had wanted. You needed to get in line for a wristband in order to buy it and I was able to get it on Saturday AM! Sonya got to ask a question in the True Blood panel and I got to see the panels I wanted to. While we were bummed not to be in Hall H for Tom Cruise and Marvel, we had a really great day.

The key to having fun at Comic Con is have a Plan A, B and C. There are a LOT of people, so a lot of lines. So you can’t always get into/do your Plan A. But that’s no reason to not have fun since there is sooooo much stuff going on!!

Dinner at Fleming’s was super delicious. There was a table across from us that I saw 3 different women stop and ask for pics so it was someone famous-ish. Just someone I didn’t recognize. Turns out it was some cast members from Survivor. Then saw the guy (also an MMA fighter?) who played the Mr T role in the new A-Team movie there. And then a long time twitter friend met me there with his wife for drinks. A fun day and night for sure!!

Sundays are for packing up, checking out and walking the floor or downtown. Sonya and I were strolling downtown and saw Michael Rooker right in front of the Hard Rock Hotel! Merle!!! Asked for a quick picture and he said sure even though his handler was trying to wrangle him. He was very sweet and told me take good care of my ears (was wearing my fluffy wold ears as usual) :) We went on to an early lunch after waiting in line for the Game of Thrones exhibit but giving up on it. Off to Lolita’s! (Hey – these are only found in San Diego!) Then we hit the floor for a bit. Madness! Got some decent swag and took a few more pics and then it was time for Sonya to head for the airport. I went back downtown as I wanted to go to the Chuck Jones Gallery. They always do fun things for SDCC week. I walked in, and saw the canvas of the piece I almost bought on the floor but talked myself out of several times, right there front and center. Turns out the artist was in the gallery and doing dedications if you bought the piece. Seriously? It was fate at this point. So I did it. This is the larger original:


I actually bought 2 pieces there. When I get them (being shipped to me), I will blog again with photos and their history. Both are beautiful. At least to me.

Then it was time to go! No more buying!!! Hotel, airport, airplane, airport, driving. HOME! Plus I shipped most of my stuff so when I get that box in a day or 2, it will be like a mini-Comic Con/Christmas all over again :)

The only bummer about the Con is that Disney kept any and all news about Star Wars away. Nothing. Nada. I assume they are holding anything back and will release it at D23 – Disney’s expo. But this is truly their audience and since they realize that with Marvel, they should realize it with Star Wars. I can only hope that since they probably don’t have that much to reveal yet, they WILL change their minds and do something at SDCC14 when more information about the new Star Wars movies are available. Fingers and paws crossed.

I realized that while I was there I only saw tweets or FB posts related to Comic Con. No other tweets, no Facebook, no news, no TV, no politics, no media other than fun. And I was in a GREAT mood the entire time! I way, way prefer that. I think I need to clean up my twitter and FB feeds.

I have tons of fun every year. It gets crazier each year plus more and more crowded and maybe I will get tired of dealing with that at some point, but probably not. I like finding new shows, movies, comics and books to investigate and it’s fun to be surrounded by people who like the same things. Of course, I can only take that many people for so long :) Sad SDCC is over but now back home in the mountains with NO lines, very few people plus my very own Hoth Stormtrooper so it’s all A-OK :)

Storm 7.22

Flickr link for all the pics: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjH1QZjv


Bought the tickets a couple days ago using my free Fandango codes from Groupon. Yay! Picked a Saturday afternoon show because husband had a couple out of town meetings on Friday and wasn’t going to be back until Saturday AM.  He is going out of town again but said flight wasn’t until Saturday night so we chose the 1:40pm showing. While I very much wanted to see it Friday, I would wait the half a day.  It wasn’t a Star Wars or Indy film after all. :)

Husband called me around 10am today saying he just got on the road about an hour ago. Huh? You said you were leaving “early”. I should have asked whose definition of early we were using. Grrr.  Oh…and that he checked his flight and it was actually leaving at 4:55 and not after 7pm like he thought (that’s the arrival time.) Doh! So he had to drive 3+ hours (always bad traffic on weekends so definitely a lot of +), pack for a week trip and then we would drive to the movies, watch a 2 hour movie after 20 minutes of previews and get him to SFO in time to check bags. Uh…sure…OK.

He did hit a lot of traffic. And got home after 12:30pm. And still had to pack. And we left the house in his truck at 1:04pm. With an empty gas tank. But we needed to take his truck since his surf case wouldn’t fit in my Rover. And hit traffic on Highway 1 because well…it’s the weekend. Tourists.

He says on the way “well, worst thing is I miss my flight and have to pay the $100 change fee for the next one. No big deal. I promised you this movie” Huh?  No big deal? Did the aliens from this movie abduct my husband??? Pretty sure yes…yes they did. Got to the theater at 1:39. I raced in while he parked. I scored us great seats though! Also – got to see the Mission Impossible trailer again. CANNOT wait to see that!!

I deliberately wasn’t reading any reviews of C&A because a) critics are generally stupid and b) I didn’t want any opinions or parts of the movie in my head while I watched it. So if you are like me – STOP READING.

The movie started and I would like to state for the record that I was NOT the only one who kind of quietly but still out loud said “YAY!” when Harrison Ford’s name came on the screen :) #geek #stalker

It was non-stop from the moment it started.  Everyone in it is fantastic. The action was fun and the effects never took over the movie. And a big thank you to Jon Favreau for deliberately not filming it in 3D (he talked about that at Comic Con last year.) I’m sure some effects would have been cool in 3D and all but his decision to go with an old Western movie feel definitely made a difference in the tone/feel (for the better) of the movie.

There are a couple scenes where you jump. So maybe not so great for little kids? Depends on them I guess. Personally, the Harry Potter commercials with Voldemort look scarier to me!  In one scene, our entire row jumped! And then we all giggled at ourselves for it right after. Hehehe.

Harrison Ford has some great lines. He plays a pretty grumpy guy and he made me giggle a lot with his grumpiness.  Kinda reminded me of my old boss actually. Seemingly grumpy with a soft (ish) gooey center. A couple lines were definitely Han or Indy lines :) I truly love Harrison Ford. How is he 69??? Oh, and Daniel Craig is totally awesome too! Although I think he had like 10 lines. He was more facial and action type acting. And Olivia Wilde (who is beyond beautiful.) And Sam Rockwell. And all of the other actors. But…well…no one is Harrison Ford, not even James Bond. ;)

There are a few scenes that are obvious winks at Return of the Jedi.  And one BIG wink and smirk to Indiana Jones. That…or I’m a goober who reads too much Star Wars and Indy into everything :) But I don’t think so. Well, I do think I read Star Wars and Indy into a lot of life, but that’s because they are SO awesome. And so applicable!

Oh! – the aliens want our gold. Me too! This also explains the gold bricks promotion at Comic Con.  But seriously…I want the gold too.

And there is a dog in the movie. So really – this makes the movie pretty darn near perfect. A husky would have made it perfect. But then we would all wonder what the heck a husky was going in New Mexico.  So, that’s OK :)

If you want a super fun popcorn movie that makes you smile – GO! If you only like art house crap…err…I mean indie films to make you think or ponder your emotions you should stick with Netflix tonight. Although…it may be too late since you might have stopped reading by now because I told you to earlier :)

“Daniel Craig is my wookiee bitch now” AWESOME! LOL!!!!

Just watched “Morning Glory”. Of course I loved it. It has Harrison Ford in it! He played the grumpy, curmudgeon-ey guy that most interviews portray him as. Now, I’ve always loved that about him. He isn’t the pandering, Hollywood kick-ass that most actors are. He hates to do interviews (wouldn’t you?) He doesn’t do stupid crap to end up in tabloids and be followed by paparazzi. He wants to show up, do his job exactly as he is supposed to, be paid for it and leave. Exactly like me :)

He’s pretty adorable in the movie. As is Rachel McAdams. And no…she is not the love interest. Which was great. They could have a relationship without it being sexual or romantic. And she is adorable too! Her character is the workaholic. Was funny…another character mentioned how she was 28 and all she focused on was work. When I was in my late teens and 20s – all I did was work. Pretty sure that’s normal? My job was everything. My boss would call me late at night, on the weekends, etc. I was always available. I got there at 7am (I did refuse to get there earlier) and work till 6 or 7pm or later. And then be available to call in the evenings or weekends. And this was before email. I had a cell phone, an answering machine and a pager. (#old)

When I first started working for my boss everyone told me (the office HR manager, the girl I was replacing, the trading room and even his partners) that he burned through assistants in 6 months or less. Ok…Great. Thanks. I do not know why. I mean, he could be grumpy. But oh well. I got to see a side of him he didn’t show many people. I broke through the crusty exterior and we clicked. Most people were scared of him. This still cracks me up. Really? Him? But I guess I feel the same way when people act scared of the huskies. Really? Them? He became like a father figure to me and still is. And even now when we talk, he teases me about me about stuff and I’m like dude – you are such a grump! (yes…I would and still do call him dude…this is CA, I was very young when I started working for him and I am probably one of the very few people alive able to get away with that!)

I remember one Saturday being at work doing something and my boss’ brother came in (he was also one of the partners) and he made some snarky comment about his brother having slave labor. I smiled as he walked out while thinking “Well, if you weren’t such a mean, self-centered jackass you might inspire someone to work harder and do extra stuff for you too.” That guy was a jerk. Now sure how he was related to my boss. At. All.

All of my hours and extra work and stress also included me learning about the stock market, how to trade commodities and options, make a bunch of money in my stock account, pay for a LOT of life stuff with no debt, apply a work ethic where you work hard and are rewarded. Those are all things you do not learn in high school, college or grad school. Those are life lessons and practical learning. Reading about something and taking a test or writing a paper is not the same as applying it in life. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.

But now that I’m not in my 20s, I guess I don’t think work should BE my life. It’s part of my life. But not all of it. That was then. This is now. Plus I didn’t have huskies then! They are more important :)

Anyway, Rachel McAdams does NOT learn that work isn’t everything and she shouldn’t care so much about work. I appreciated that. She still has years to go before she gets to learn that! But she does break through the crusty exterior of Harrison Ford’s character. Was very cute and made me smile and remember when I was younger :)

Watched Fanboys tonight. Loved it. I’m a fairly serious Star Wars geek fan and I know no one like this. Is it sad that I wish I had someone to argue with about the finer points of Star Wars and sibling kissing with? Yes? Ok…well…that’s cool :)

Seth Rogan played a trekker (and a pimp!). Hysterical. Practically unrecognizable but his voice is a giveaway.  But he called Han Solo a bitch – he needs to go down!

Funny pop culture references throughout: Nobody Puts baby in the Corner, Menudo, WonderTwin Powers,Talk to me Goose, Judge Reinhold,  Scooby Doo, Silent Bob AND Jay :) William Shatner! Funny…

And the best! “Harrison Ford is the greatest actor of all time! Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Deckard! He’s never done a bad movie!”  (showing Six Days and Seven Nights billboard) LOL!! It’s ok..Mr. Ford…I blame that crazy beeyotch Heche..

I think it was best to not watch this movie with my husband. He would be afraid that I would know ALL of these references :) (he gets afraid when we watch Big Bang Theory and I know all of those references.) And only as strong as the weakest link? Wookie home planet = Kashyyyk… simple. A baby question…

The memorabilia room that we all dream exists…Steve Sansweet knows it does…(excellent on a Ray Parks/Darth Maul cameo there!)

Fun movie. I liked it. Star Wars fan? Watch it. You do not have to be a crazed fan. Just like Star Wars and you will laugh. And the crawl…Who remembers how they felt in the Episode 1 crawl? After waiting how many years?? Do not care how you felt about the movie – the actual experience of seeing that movie – awesome :) I waited hours in that line and do not regret it. Not one minute. Ever.

p.s. Why are all douchebag older brothers in movies Chazz, Chett, whatever?

p.p.s I am always calling Chewie from now..

p.p.p.s I *always* want to steal the Hwy 101 road sign “Lucas Valley Road”

p.p.p.p.s who wouldn’t flash someone displaying sign ‘if you like wookies….’? :)

In honor of San Diego Comic Con, that I am sadly missing this year :(, I have been staring at my collectibles for the past few days. Sometimes I just like to take them down and look at them. Truly renews my affinity for them.  I usually get something new at the Cons when I go. And I have to pre-order at least 1 Con exclusive each year. This year, even though I am missing it, a friend is picking up my pre-ordered Gentle Giant Darth Vader helmet in PINK! YAY! But still quite sad I am not going. There really is a crazy fun energy there and I ALWAYS have a great time. I won’t be this stupid next year and miss it again…

But as I was perusing the Sideshow Collectibles site for their convention pre-orders I saw their new Millennium Falcon. Wow! This is a pretty awesome collectible!


Sideshow's Falcon

Sideshow's Falcon

I love all things Millennium Falcon – mostly because I love all things Falcon’s Captain and co-pilot :)  I am definitely a sucker for these particular character/ship purchases.  I have a dangling tiny Falcon suction cupped right under the rear view mirror in my car.  And Chewie is my co-pilot after all :)

Chewie is my Co-Pilot sticker

Chewie is my Co-Pilot sticker - have the Diesel Sweeties t-shirt too :)

I have the Code 3 Collectibles Millennium Falcon which is sold out on their site so no link to theirs – but here is mine!:

Code 3 Falcon 1

Code 3 Falcon 1

Code 3 Falcon 2

Code 3 Falcon 2

Rebelscum.com has a great description/specs: http://www.rebelscum.com/code3millenniumfalcon.asp

It’s a GREAT piece. I remember when I bought it and how excited I was! I believe it was the 3rd or 4th relatively pricey Star Wars collectible I bought.  I had been collecting mostly the action figure/toy lines up until then. Of course, I think that’s right around the same time Gentle Giant, Master Replicas, Sideshow and others all decided that little geeks grew up to be adult geeks who had cash to spend and the same geeky passion for Star Wars. Damn that George Lucas!!

When I went and visited ILM in the Presidio in SF (thanks to a friend who was AWESOME and hooked me and a few other SW nuts up with a tour), I got to eat lunch in their very generously-subsidized employee cafeteria and felt no guilt due to the thousands and thousands of dollars I have generously given up to the Lucas cult over the years :) (p.s. It’s awesome there – please hire me!!!)

Me at ILM in front of Yoda Fountain :)

Me at ILM in front of Yoda Fountain. Yes...in my Han & Chewie t-shirt :)

My Code 3 Falcon is proudly on display in my office and it always gets a lot of attention from new employees or vendors who come by :)

Of course, I also have the (released 1979 I believe) Kenner Millennium Falcon – in original box – from The Empire Strikes Back. This is the old Kenner commercial for the Falcon. This one is for the Star Wars version but dang cool:

I did most of my original toy collecting right before and after (and forever after) this movie (TESB) came out. Had more allowance to spend :) And yes, I kept them all unplayed with (had them on display in my room) and kept the boxes.

I love my old stuff. I take it out and look at it sometimes (like the giant dork that I am.) But it generally stays safely packed away in my home office closet. My home office is my dedicated Star Wars/collectibles room (there and my work office!) I have 1 large bookshelf full plus some of my framed posters, my Master Replicas lightsaber rack, and a few things on the desk. What I want…someday…is a dedicated room for my collectibles with glass cabinets to house my old and pricey stuff. Again…DORK! But really – how many Hummel, Lladro, doll, art, watch, etc, etc, etc. collectors are there out there?!?!? NOT DIFFERENT! :)

I also covet the Master Replicas Falcon.  It was $$$ ($2800 plus tax and shipping) with only 500 made. They sold out at MR then. There were a few that Harrison Ford signed which I would have given up a kidney for…every so often I check eBay for them and they are still going for $$$. Hmmm…I only really need ONE kidney, right??  Here is my pic of it from SDCC 2006:

Master Replicas Falcon

Master Replicas Falcon

Close up this thing is AWESOME! And it’s big! Like 3 feet wide! Sigh…there is one on eBay right now ending Thursday. The bank probably wouldn’t mind if the mortgage payment was short $3000 – right? Right??

But this Sideshow item is fantastic! I wish I was going to SDCC this week so I could see it (they MUST have a prototype there on display!) Very pricey though…but they are offering it as a FlexPay (their version of lay-a-way!) option…I think my husband’s head would explode. But then more room at home for my Star Wars collectibles!! Hmmmmm….. :)

Now if only Sideshow would GET ON IT and make the Premium Format figure for Chewbacca (to go with my Han and Leia)!! But Han and Chewie collectibles really deserve a posting of their very own…

For history on the Falcon (is to a real ship!) you can peruse Wookiepedia.  I love Wookieepedia because…well…it’s called Wookieepedia: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Millennium_Falcon

This short clip is awesome!! I never watched Magnum, P.I. but grew to like Tom Selleck from his stint on Friends :) And Han Solo…well…he’s my hero :)

Han Solo, P.I.

Plus even funnier since Tom S. was supposed to be Indiana Jones but CBS wouldn’t let him out of his contract to do the movie…(sorry Tom, Harrison IS Indiana…)