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Watched Fanboys tonight. Loved it. I’m a fairly serious Star Wars geek fan and I know no one like this. Is it sad that I wish I had someone to argue with about the finer points of Star Wars and sibling kissing with? Yes? Ok…well…that’s cool :)

Seth Rogan played a trekker (and a pimp!). Hysterical. Practically unrecognizable but his voice is a giveaway.  But he called Han Solo a bitch – he needs to go down!

Funny pop culture references throughout: Nobody Puts baby in the Corner, Menudo, WonderTwin Powers,Talk to me Goose, Judge Reinhold,  Scooby Doo, Silent Bob AND Jay :) William Shatner! Funny…

And the best! “Harrison Ford is the greatest actor of all time! Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Deckard! He’s never done a bad movie!”  (showing Six Days and Seven Nights billboard) LOL!! It’s ok..Mr. Ford…I blame that crazy beeyotch Heche..

I think it was best to not watch this movie with my husband. He would be afraid that I would know ALL of these references :) (he gets afraid when we watch Big Bang Theory and I know all of those references.) And only as strong as the weakest link? Wookie home planet = Kashyyyk… simple. A baby question…

The memorabilia room that we all dream exists…Steve Sansweet knows it does…(excellent on a Ray Parks/Darth Maul cameo there!)

Fun movie. I liked it. Star Wars fan? Watch it. You do not have to be a crazed fan. Just like Star Wars and you will laugh. And the crawl…Who remembers how they felt in the Episode 1 crawl? After waiting how many years?? Do not care how you felt about the movie – the actual experience of seeing that movie – awesome :) I waited hours in that line and do not regret it. Not one minute. Ever.

p.s. Why are all douchebag older brothers in movies Chazz, Chett, whatever?

p.p.s I am always calling Chewie from now..

p.p.p.s I *always* want to steal the Hwy 101 road sign “Lucas Valley Road”

p.p.p.p.s who wouldn’t flash someone displaying sign ‘if you like wookies….’? :)

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  1. LOVE this post. I’m going through much of this now as I work on revisions. Yesterday, pulling my hair out and thinking I can’t do it, slogging around. Just now, out of the blue, realized what the problem was in the chapter and how to fi1pp821x;ha#&y morning! Up down up down up down. . . And thank you so much for the shout-out to my post.Like? 1