a99kitten's Musings

I blog about a WHOLE LOT of stuff :)

I love my 2 Siberian huskies so I will talk about them a LOT! I tweet about them and they have their own twitter accounts and Dogster pages :) But I’m not “crazy” dog person (I think all the crazy dog people say that though!)

Other things you will likely find here: I love Star Wars – have seen all of the movies a gazillion times and try to fit in a quote daily (in life I mean.)

I love hiking and walking and reading and watching movies. I love to shop! I love champagne :)

When it is football season – watch out! I will bitch and moan about my fantasy football team as well as how badly the 49ers are doing!

I love March Madness! And college football! However, for college sports I tend to root for the husky or wolf themed teams; then the other fluffy animals and the I decide from there. Except I always root for the Florida Gators!!

I love country music but also love Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra and then throw in some Ministry (or anything else with a good pit!) and Kid Rock plus a little Depeche Mode and other awesome 80s music. I hate rap.

I love junk food but also love wearing cute outfits so junk food usually loses out. But sometimes I will talk about it or make something reeeaallly yummy! I LOVE cupcakes!!!!

I hate bad drivers and will rant about this forever. I also hate stupid people. Common sense should be a test. If you fail, well…please stay away.

Ok, so this is sense of what you will see here but you just never know :)