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…to house my collectibles. I think it’s dumb to have some really cool stuff boxed up in a closets. Not that I want my house to look like the 40-Year Old Virgin’s house. I just need a dedicated collectibles room with proper shelving, wall space and lighting :) My office and home office are no longer cutting it. Need to remove all of the “office” elements to make them work! :)

Just received a pre-order email today from Gentle Giant. This is pretty cool….Tusken Raider on a Bantha. Gentle Giant makes some really fun stuff.


I seriously need more room/shelves before I buy anymore collectibles though. Indy and Mola Ram just arrived from Sideshow yesterday and I have NOWHERE to put him.

And I have a couple…few…several?…more items arriving from Gentle Giant and Sideshow as the months go on. Pre-orders get me every time!

UPDATE 9/3/09: Waitlist went through today!! He WILL be mine!!! :)

I added myself to the wait list for this last night…fingers crossed! There are making 500 of them. They are scheduled to ship in 4Q09. Here is hoping someone’s credit card gets declined (yeah, I know, that’s mean but all is fair in the hunt for great Star Wars and Indy collectibles!) :)

Sideshow Premium Format Crystal Skull Indy

Sideshow Premium Format Crystal Skull Indy

He’s 19″ tall and should go nicely next to my Sideshow Raiders Indy. This one just looks a little older thanks to Harrison aging a bit. It was 27 years in between movies!! He is still and forever my #1 love man so I do not care how old he is!!!! :)

I bought the Sideshow Exclusive Dejarik Holochess Set back in 2007 when it was released. I felt that it fell into my Han, Leia and Chewie collectibles-only rule since Chewie played it on the Falcon :)

This was a great scene in Star Wars. We get a good glimpse into Han and Chewie. Plus we learn Wookies like to pull people’s arms out of their sockets when the lose and how droids can adapt to new strategies :)

When I received it, I put it away in my closet. I had “kind of” run out of display room in both my home and work offices. But I did a little re-organizing this weekend and decided it was time to dust the box off and display it! Silly to spend money on cool collectibles to then pack them away unseen.

So I took some items from my office shelf home to be displayed there (with other similar items – all Code 3 3-D posters) and brought this in to the office.  It’s very cool. The little character/pieces are each described on the box:

Kintan Strider
Mantellian Savrip

Plus there are 2 that aren’t named on the box??

Mystery pieces!

Mystery pieces!

Dare to remember all of these for Star Wars Trivial Pursuit ;-)

Dejarik Holochess set

Dejarik Holochess set

It’s all set up in my office now (with Indy watching over!) Just waiting for a Wookie to come and play a game with me! :)

In honor of San Diego Comic Con, that I am sadly missing this year :(, I have been staring at my collectibles for the past few days. Sometimes I just like to take them down and look at them. Truly renews my affinity for them.  I usually get something new at the Cons when I go. And I have to pre-order at least 1 Con exclusive each year. This year, even though I am missing it, a friend is picking up my pre-ordered Gentle Giant Darth Vader helmet in PINK! YAY! But still quite sad I am not going. There really is a crazy fun energy there and I ALWAYS have a great time. I won’t be this stupid next year and miss it again…

But as I was perusing the Sideshow Collectibles site for their convention pre-orders I saw their new Millennium Falcon. Wow! This is a pretty awesome collectible!


Sideshow's Falcon

Sideshow's Falcon

I love all things Millennium Falcon – mostly because I love all things Falcon’s Captain and co-pilot :)  I am definitely a sucker for these particular character/ship purchases.  I have a dangling tiny Falcon suction cupped right under the rear view mirror in my car.  And Chewie is my co-pilot after all :)

Chewie is my Co-Pilot sticker

Chewie is my Co-Pilot sticker - have the Diesel Sweeties t-shirt too :)

I have the Code 3 Collectibles Millennium Falcon which is sold out on their site so no link to theirs – but here is mine!:

Code 3 Falcon 1

Code 3 Falcon 1

Code 3 Falcon 2

Code 3 Falcon 2

Rebelscum.com has a great description/specs: http://www.rebelscum.com/code3millenniumfalcon.asp

It’s a GREAT piece. I remember when I bought it and how excited I was! I believe it was the 3rd or 4th relatively pricey Star Wars collectible I bought.  I had been collecting mostly the action figure/toy lines up until then. Of course, I think that’s right around the same time Gentle Giant, Master Replicas, Sideshow and others all decided that little geeks grew up to be adult geeks who had cash to spend and the same geeky passion for Star Wars. Damn that George Lucas!!

When I went and visited ILM in the Presidio in SF (thanks to a friend who was AWESOME and hooked me and a few other SW nuts up with a tour), I got to eat lunch in their very generously-subsidized employee cafeteria and felt no guilt due to the thousands and thousands of dollars I have generously given up to the Lucas cult over the years :) (p.s. It’s awesome there – please hire me!!!)

Me at ILM in front of Yoda Fountain :)

Me at ILM in front of Yoda Fountain. Yes...in my Han & Chewie t-shirt :)

My Code 3 Falcon is proudly on display in my office and it always gets a lot of attention from new employees or vendors who come by :)

Of course, I also have the (released 1979 I believe) Kenner Millennium Falcon – in original box – from The Empire Strikes Back. This is the old Kenner commercial for the Falcon. This one is for the Star Wars version but dang cool:

I did most of my original toy collecting right before and after (and forever after) this movie (TESB) came out. Had more allowance to spend :) And yes, I kept them all unplayed with (had them on display in my room) and kept the boxes.

I love my old stuff. I take it out and look at it sometimes (like the giant dork that I am.) But it generally stays safely packed away in my home office closet. My home office is my dedicated Star Wars/collectibles room (there and my work office!) I have 1 large bookshelf full plus some of my framed posters, my Master Replicas lightsaber rack, and a few things on the desk. What I want…someday…is a dedicated room for my collectibles with glass cabinets to house my old and pricey stuff. Again…DORK! But really – how many Hummel, Lladro, doll, art, watch, etc, etc, etc. collectors are there out there?!?!? NOT DIFFERENT! :)

I also covet the Master Replicas Falcon.  It was $$$ ($2800 plus tax and shipping) with only 500 made. They sold out at MR then. There were a few that Harrison Ford signed which I would have given up a kidney for…every so often I check eBay for them and they are still going for $$$. Hmmm…I only really need ONE kidney, right??  Here is my pic of it from SDCC 2006:

Master Replicas Falcon

Master Replicas Falcon

Close up this thing is AWESOME! And it’s big! Like 3 feet wide! Sigh…there is one on eBay right now ending Thursday. The bank probably wouldn’t mind if the mortgage payment was short $3000 – right? Right??

But this Sideshow item is fantastic! I wish I was going to SDCC this week so I could see it (they MUST have a prototype there on display!) Very pricey though…but they are offering it as a FlexPay (their version of lay-a-way!) option…I think my husband’s head would explode. But then more room at home for my Star Wars collectibles!! Hmmmmm….. :)

Now if only Sideshow would GET ON IT and make the Premium Format figure for Chewbacca (to go with my Han and Leia)!! But Han and Chewie collectibles really deserve a posting of their very own…

For history on the Falcon (is to a real ship!) you can peruse Wookiepedia.  I love Wookieepedia because…well…it’s called Wookieepedia: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Millennium_Falcon