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I bought the Sideshow Exclusive Dejarik Holochess Set back in 2007 when it was released. I felt that it fell into my Han, Leia and Chewie collectibles-only rule since Chewie played it on the Falcon :)

This was a great scene in Star Wars. We get a good glimpse into Han and Chewie. Plus we learn Wookies like to pull people’s arms out of their sockets when the lose and how droids can adapt to new strategies :)

When I received it, I put it away in my closet. I had “kind of” run out of display room in both my home and work offices. But I did a little re-organizing this weekend and decided it was time to dust the box off and display it! Silly to spend money on cool collectibles to then pack them away unseen.

So I took some items from my office shelf home to be displayed there (with other similar items – all Code 3 3-D posters) and brought this in to the office.  It’s very cool. The little character/pieces are each described on the box:

Kintan Strider
Mantellian Savrip

Plus there are 2 that aren’t named on the box??

Mystery pieces!

Mystery pieces!

Dare to remember all of these for Star Wars Trivial Pursuit ;-)

Dejarik Holochess set

Dejarik Holochess set

It’s all set up in my office now (with Indy watching over!) Just waiting for a Wookie to come and play a game with me! :)

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  1. omg! i want that. you inspire me to make my cube look good. i have random things at work.