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UPDATE 9/3/09: Waitlist went through today!! He WILL be mine!!! :)

I added myself to the wait list for this last night…fingers crossed! There are making 500 of them. They are scheduled to ship in 4Q09. Here is hoping someone’s credit card gets declined (yeah, I know, that’s mean but all is fair in the hunt for great Star Wars and Indy collectibles!) :)

Sideshow Premium Format Crystal Skull Indy

Sideshow Premium Format Crystal Skull Indy

He’s 19″ tall and should go nicely next to my Sideshow Raiders Indy. This one just looks a little older thanks to Harrison aging a bit. It was 27 years in between movies!! He is still and forever my #1 love man so I do not care how old he is!!!! :)


  1. i like this one. looks really good! i want to order the ewok ones that are coming out in November. or something else to go with pink vader :D

  2. Ha – love it – the geriatric version of Indy. Whilst he still looks reasonable in the role, hope he has enough pride to know when to let it go. A figurine with a walker and cane would kind of take away the badassness that is that character. Good luck with the quest! :)