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I love that :)

This year I am in 2 fantasy leagues – my standard work one ($25 buy-in) and then a free one with some fellow FF lovers on twitter. I am the only girl in that league so I need to do well! I also think I am the only person a) on the West Coast and b) not working in finance (and probably running spreadsheets and charts on player stats!) I do however bring awesome huskies and Star Wars to the league – “Never Tell Me Odds! :)

I am the Commish of my work league even though I said I would not do it again. My excitement for football overtook the frustration of being the Commish. I banned Michael Vick from our league so no one was allowed to draft him unless they wanted to give me $100 per week to donate to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Last year I made the mistake of only charging $5 per week thinking people would GET THE POINT and be smart enough to not use him. Wrong. Well, most people figured it out. Just not 1. That person was not invited back to the league this year. Extreme dog lover is the Commish. Michael Vick she hates and said not to use. Michael Vick you pick-up off the bench. Simple that math is.

My work team draft went OK. I really didn’t do enough football research this year. I think I say that every year though. But I basically went after people I already knew. I didn’t look for the “hot new rookie”. My team is the “Running Huskies”:)

QB: Tom Brady (Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees were already taken…I don’t think I can buy his jersey tho…cannot root for the PATS! ARGH! But maybe if he cuts his hair…)
WRs: DeSean Jackson, Dwayne Bowe, Stevie Johnson, Malcolm Floyd and Plaxico Burress. Yes, I can totally give Plax another chance since he only shot himself and hasn’t yet displayed sociopathic tendencies.
RBs: Arian Foster, Matt Forte, Pierre Thomas and Jonathan Stewart. Arian Foster was my 1st round draft pick. And he’s injured. Awesome. GAH!
TE: Dallas Clark (this is the jersey I should buy since I try and get him every year!)
K: Adam Vinatieri
DEF: Baltimore

My twitter team was an auction-style draft which I had never done before. That was a bit crazy and I am definitely not so sure about my team – yikes. Team name “Let the Wookiee Win”:

QBs (you use 2 each game! Wha??): Matt Schaub and Alex Smith (yeah…that’s what was left in my budget)
WRs: Larry Fitzgerald, Wes Welker, Danny Amendola, Johnny Knox and Robert Meachem. So 1 super star anyway.
RBs: Maurice Jones-Drew, Frank Gore, Beanie Wells and Pierre Thomas
TE: Dallas Clark (yes again!) and Brandon Pettigrew
K: David Akers

I need a back-up QB to play during the BYE weeks but I have a few weeks. I need to monitor the BYE weeks on that league for sure. Plus the scoring on that team is totally different than my league that I am used to so I hope I do OK there!!

Stressed about Arian Foster being injured, Matt Forte is grumpy about his contract and Dallas Clark will not have Peyton Manning throwing to him. Great. Sonof^%$&@^%#$@#$

I also have a 3rd team to manage. We needed a 10th in our work league and I had to fill the spot. So I am in for double I guess. I seriously need more football lovin’ friends. Maybe I’ll play that team like a “take lots of crazy chances” team. I named it Shadowtrooper. I had to create another email address and login for yahoo which is a PITA since I will now have to log out of Yahoo with my normal login to check and change that team.

PLUS, I took over the Survivor commish job since last year’s commish apparently forgot? But we have 6 people in that – winner take all. I took CLE for the 1st week. I hope that wasn’t stupid. First week is always supposed to be the safe “sure thing” pick which would have probably been NE (2 people took them) although I think SD had the biggest point spread. But SD never seems to be a sure thing. And NE playing MIA is a big rivalry so got crazy and picked CLE (playing CIN so…)

And this year I did not create a weekly picks pool. Being the commish of that sucks frankly. Too much work collecting and paying out and reminding people. A friend of mine in Florida invited me to join his and you pay the full amount for the year up front and then each week there is a pay out along with a final payout at the end of the year. So all I have to do is pay once and make my picks weekly. Done! Yay! Although this pool is a spread pool which I have never done so that is way, way harder!

So yay!! Football season is now here and I have a lot of games to play! I would really love having enough football friends where we do the draft together, order pizza, yell at our picks getting taken by each other – like they show on the ESPN commercials! I think that would be way more fun. But oh well.

My Sundays are officially booked! And no, I do not have a gambling problem… ;)

Vader’s silence (and then action) is a WAY more powerful tool to relay to us ignorant audience members what is going on with Vader’s conscience (and soul…and midichlorians…and whatever else) than him saying anything. Grrrrrr….

I love ya George, but you REALLY NEED TO STOP MESSING WITH CLASSICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sigh…all I can say is good thing I still have the original original trilogy. WHERE HAN SHOT FIRST!

Just placed my order for the Gentle Giant club member holiday gift! Yes….I am a member…duh?! I hope get a low number!

Although…I do think Vader should be wearing a scarf or something festive. A dove? That doesn’t scream holidays to me. Screams Prince. But whatever…

So…does this mean I can start getting ready for Christmas now? :)

P.S The dove and Threepio’s head are interchangeable. If THAT doesn’t scream creepy in some way…well…

I seriously need to build my Halloween costume around these:

PINK boots!!! Not something I could wear around normally, unless I gave up my day job to work as a stripper. But for Halloween? Perfect! Now what could I be that would be work appropriate(ish)? Hmmm….

Last year I didn’t dress up :( The year before I was an Eskimo girl with my 2 huskies – they are very key to my costume :)

Eskimo and her sled dogs

Eskimo and her sled dogs

That was a cute costume that was also comfy. Will definitely need to recycle and wear again.

The year before I was Little Red Riding Hood (see – the huskies are key!)

Red 2006

Red 2006

I didn’t like that costume as much (or that picture – look like a frackin’ undead Red!) But it did go well with my little wolves :) And I cannot find a single picture of me with them in that costume. What the heck? I know we took some. It was fun to walk around in that costume with the buds. *Pretty much* everyone got the reference. It’s too big for me now (HA!) but the costume is really great movie-like quality. I need to find the name of that manufacturer and check out their other costumes.

A few years ago I was Jeannie.

brunette Jeannie :)

brunette Jeannie :)

That’s a very comfy costume to wear actually but it was FREEZING that year so going outside = bad! Plus it’s too big for me now too! (double-HA!) I do like comfy costumes though. Nothing that will make me hot, with a big rubber head/mask, be itchy, stuff like that.

I have always wanted to be Slave Leia but husband’s head would explode if I wore that anywhere. I told him that I WILL wear it to Comic-Con one year (while I’m still able to pull it off!) – even if only for a couple hours. But obviously not a work-appropriate costume.

I have the white Leia dress from Star Wars. But that whole costume is really the hair. and not sure I can get that to how I want it so it looks good. And I don’t think I should *really* use Cinnabons since then the huskies would want to eat my head! :)

Last year I found a cute Indiana Jones-girl costume. And a cute Batgirl so maybe I’ll look for those. I’ve always wanted to be Wonder Woman but the costumes for that are always yucky. You’d think they would make a good one since she is SUCH a popular character.

I can’t think of any other good ones that would go with the huskies. I have always wanted to get them some sheep costumes made. So they can be wolves in sheep’s clothing :) And then I could go as Little Bo Beep :) THAT would be cute!!!

I have never dressed them up except for the 1 year I got them each to sit for a millisecond while I got pictures of them in a Darth Vader costume.

Darth Angelus

Darth Angelus

Darth Storm

Darth Storm

I went through almost a whole bag of liver biscotti to get them to sit long enough to put the costume on and take those pics. They said quite clearly that they are not clowns for our amusement :)

The year before I did put an angel halo on Angelus and devil horns on Storm. Storm shook his off and chewed them :) I can’t find those pics though…my guess is Storm found a way to delete those too :)

If I recycle, I will be the Eskimo girl again I think. This picture always me laugh because we were being inappropriate with the fuzzy popsicle (?) that came with my costume :)

Girls are funny :)

Girls are funny :)

I could get a little toy sled for the buds or something to make it different! Oh well..who knows. I better get on it though. Only a little more than 3 weeks to go!

This is HYSTERICAL!!!  Take a minute to read :)

7 Classic Star Wars Characters Who Totally Dropped the Ball

Received the news letter from Gentle Giant, Ltd. last night. 2 new Star Wars products available for pre-order and I want them BOTH!

The Trash Compactor book-ends look very cool! And I missed out on the Han/Greedo bookends (which annoys me!) so these are calling my name..

Gentle Giant bookends

Gentle Giant bookends

And then the Hoth Leia mini-bust. I really should order this as I already pre-ordered the Hoth Han mini-bust and they really belong together :)

Gentle Giant Hoth Leia mini-bust

Gentle Giant Hoth Leia mini-bust

But THEN they also announced their Comic Con exclusives. I am missing it this year (boo!) but a friend said he could pick something up for me if they let him.  I am still waiting to hear back from them if they would…but really…a pink Darth Vader mini-bust! I love Star Wars, I love pink – go me :) And to support breast cancer (doesn’t Darth Vader scream philanthropy??)

Darth supporting ta-tas

Darth supporting ta-tas

But at Star Wars Celebration 4 in LA a couple years ago, they had a full exhibit of artists renderings of Darth’s helmet. And one of them looked similar (there were SO many cool ones)…

Star Wars Celebration IV - Darth Vader helmet exhibition

Star Wars Celebration IV - Darth Vader helmet exhibition

Must start figuring out how to get these GG items!!! :) They really make my favorite Star Wars collectibles. Sideshow does a good job with the Premium format but Gentle Giant’s got a lot of different lines and they are just so cool!

I’ll post pics of my GG collection soon!!