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This story is sickening. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-04-05/obama-budget-calls-for-cap-on-romney-sized-iras.html

“Under current rules, some wealthy individuals are able to accumulate many millions of dollars in these accounts, substantially more than is needed to fund reasonable levels of retirement saving,” the statement said.

Who exactly are YOU to say what is a reasonable level of retirement savings for me? You don’t know my life, my responsibilities and IT’S MY MONEY. That I worked for and saved and invested smartly, not spending it, so that I have it for me and mine later.

I am the one working my butt off for years to make sure I have enough because unlike government stooges, I don’t have a tax-payer funded pension plan and health benefits to live off of for the rest of my days.

For every “Romney-sized” retirement account, there are tons more of “regular” people who socked money away for years and watched it grow. Doing nothing wrong. Doing the right thing which is saving for their retirement so they are NOT dependent on the government or anyone else.

And since there is *NO* way Social Security, that I pay into all my life (and might as well burn the money in the driveway for all the good it will do me), will be around to help me, shouldn’t I be doing everything I can to make sure I (and my family) will be OK?

I think the thing that makes me sick the most is this class warfare rhetoric is used over and over by a government that spends so much more than it can take in and sees nothing wrong with it. Just tax people more. And more. And more. Take. Take. Take. All the while these same guys are SO corrupt.

And people who have no intention on saving since they know the government “safety nets” will take care of them, and have no drive to change their situation (in no way can you argue that everyone wants to work as hard. No. Way.) are the ones who vote these idiots in. Repeatedly. Because why wouldn’t you?

The government continues to take steps that make being successful a bad thing. To strive to be successful is becoming more of a detriment since you can just live off your fellow citizen’s hard work while working much less.

This is not the American Way.

I know several people who say they aren’t voting. The common theme is “oh, my vote doesn’t really count where I live anyway” and “I protest the entire corrupt 2 party system.” Uh-huh.

I live in the Bay Area of California. Blue State Central. But I still proudly cast my VERY red votes whenever given the opportunity. But you know what else I do? Vote on Statewide propositions and state and local elections where 1 or 2 votes CAN make the difference.

So if you are sitting there smugly not voting for whatever dumb reason you’ve made up in your head as a valid one, think about the many countries where people have fought (and were killed) for the right to vote. Or think about 15th Amendment which finally granted black males the right to vote (in 1870 I think). Or think about the 19th Amendment (1920) which also ***finally*** gave women the right to vote. Think about what these people, who battled for the right to vote, would think about your lame ass excuse.

And whatever you do, do NOT complain about anything. Because you did nothing to try and change it.

As a kid, I loved everything British. Total Anglophile. I wished I was born English.

I only studied European history and thought American history was boring and lame.

Then when I was 22, I went to Europe. Plenty of cool, old things to see. To VISIT. But when I got back I was so happy to be American and to live in America. I started appreciating the things I took for granted. And I have never, ever, ever again wished I was born anywhere else but America. Ever.

Sadly, our government is trying its best to turn this country into a depressed, Socialized mess like so many other places. It’s not just the healthcare decision from today, although that is a huge one. Taxes and taxes and taxes and punish the successful to pay for the unsuccessful. More and more and more government workers to run the ever increasing government programs and committees and studies and more and more regulations. Heck – pretty soon you won’t be able to buy a large soda, or possibly even fatty food because the government must tell you how to eat because you fatty are obviously too stupid to know any better.

The government is not supposed to run your life. But that’s what it is doing. This is a very sad thing. Some people will celebrate today’s decision. Including the President. Although I would argue, since the law is a fairly unpopular one, it could backfire on him during election time. But who knows. If the average person who supports this actually read all of the people who get exempted from this law, maybe then they would realize they are getting stuck with it, and not blessed by it.

But the people that celebrate this also want to the government to support them, and tell them what to do. And manage their lives so they can go and get their Prozac cheaply, watch reality TV and wander through life with no real personal responsibility. That’s what we are taught right? You aren’t responsible for a lot of crimes because you were beaten as a kid, abused, yelled at, not allowed to play soccer because you sucked. Or maybe you have 1 of one trillion disorders recognized by the AMA or APA so you can commit heinous crimes but be told you aren’t really responsible – here take these pills. You can get government OK to get out of your underwater mortgage that you took out knowing full well you couldn’t pay it off. Because that was all the evil bank’s fault. I could go on and on but won’t.

That’s not the America I love. And that’s very sad.

Yet another example of why I truly dislike government and lawyers. (Also see: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/05/19/Exclusive-9th-Circuit-Takes-Another-Plush-Maui-Vacation-At-Taxpayer-Expense-As-Others-Cut-Back  There is NO damn reason in the world ANY tax dollars should EVER be spent on a “convention” or “workshop” in Hawaii for public officials. EVER. Get to work jerks.)


Are you SERIOUSLY telling me a bunch of people ran out and bought Sketchers because they thought they would immediately transform into Kim Kardashian? Which in itself is a poor life goal choice. Her ass is not one to be coveted or shown as an example of a great exercise regimen. #threesizestoobig But I digress…

People have turned into whiny babies. It’s ridiculous. Do you know how you get thinner and more in shape? Watch what you eat, eat less of it and exercise daily. That’s how. No magic pills. No magic shoes.

Sketchers (and Reebok) claimed to have toning shoes. Well, if you were like me and read about them, you knew that they were basically supposed to imitate the imbalance of walking in sand or loose dirt so that your muscles worked a little more AS YOU EXERCISED. And they did do that actually. I have some of the Reebok Easy Tones and know they do. But I walk in the sand or dirt every day.

But if you bought them to walk to and from your refrigerator or walk to and from your car…well…that’s not going to work. The exercise part – the 1-2 hours you spent wearing them as you exercised was still the main driver of any real success in your weight loss/toning goal. The shoe was going to maybe add  a little extra to the workout. But if you were so disappointed by your purchase and felt hoodwinked by the companies, do you also feel that way if you buy Nikes and can’t jump as high as Michael Jordan? Or your boobs aren’t magically transformed into Victoria’s Secret model boobs? Or women aren’t hunting you down after spraying on Axe body spray?

Come on people – it’s an ad. It’s to get you INTERESTED in the product. Use the damn common sense you were allegedly given at birth to figure this stuff out.

As far as the lawyers, State AGs and the FTC who took this on – shame on you. You disgust me. This was a blatant shakedown. Most especially you Kamala Harris.   Go spend time prosecuting actual criminals. Like the cop killers you like to go easy on.

I was going to write a blog post about how ridiculous it is that the President of the United States comes out to support something he was previously against solely for votes. And magically his supporters love him for it and knew their great leader just needed to see the light. Because if you think he changed any mind all of a sudden, or that his opinion “evolved”, there are some bridges for sale. This was a campaign move.

But then I remembered that the whole reason they (politicians and their teams) do things like this is to steer people away from questioning the REAL issues our government, and especially our leader, should be spending their time and efforts on.

I don’t cast my vote for President based on what religion the candidate is, what their view on abortion is, or gay rights, women’s’ issues, minority issues,  or any other social issues.

What I want to hear is how he (or she) will keep our country safe, keep the borders secure and support America to allow her citizens to prosper. Not start class warfare to help their reelection campaign or pick and choose social issues to pad votes.

But my guess is the media will suck on this morsel for a awhile and people will applaud it as “Presidential” and, for awhile at least, take mainstream focus off of the high unemployment, gajillion dollar deficit and continuing wars that we are funding and fighting.  And that is exactly what his team is hoping.


This is gross.

“Some 25% of the people who lost jobs since 2008 have applied for and received government disability checks. As an aside, we normally think of disability as something physical (back pain, etc.), but since 2008 43% of those getting approved for disability cited psychological reasons like stress.”


Stress? Really? Guess what losers – that’s called life. If you can’t handle it, or change your life to address it, feel free to go away. But the government (AKA the taxpayers) do NOT owe you a living. There is a reason in nature the weak ones get culled from the herd. Because then you don’t pass on the weak genes. Not a bad system really. Has worked for millions of years.

I have seen some people who have applied for and received disability in CA. They are healthy. They are also criminal. But the government system/workers in charge of policing the system don’t care.  Because then they have job security. Circle jerk.
At some point this system HAS to change. It is simply not sustainable. See EU.


This is the painting I bought the other night.

The restaurant we went to for dinner had a bunch of bear paintings displayed all around. I assumed from a local school. We asked the waitress and sure enough, the elementary school’s 3rd/4th grade art class.

I kept going back to this one because the Momma bear face has the same “hmph” expression Angelus gets when he is annoyed. :)

$20 cash and I have some original art that I like :) Now I just need to frame it & figure out where to hang it in the new house.

I’m all for supporting artistic endeavors. Just not enforced support through tax dollars. THAT I do not support.


Preposterous: completely contrary to nature, reason, or common sense; absurd; senseless; utterly foolish.

The freedoms offered by this country are ones of personal freedom and liberty. NOT the ability to get stuff handed out for free or be taken care of by others. Or by taking away the freedom and liberty from another person or organization so you can have your perceived freedom.  I’m not Catholic or Christian or particularly religious. However I believe in the freedom of religion.  If you make the personal choice to go to a religious school, perhaps you should have investigated things like this if they are so important to you. They have every right to stand by their long-held (aka no big damn surprise to anyone) convictions without government interference.

If you need birth control, you can get it through almost all health plans. Or Planned Parenthood. Yes, you might have to pay something out of pocket but so what? You should have to. Hck, my Ob/Gyn hands it for free with your annual exam. For Free. And if your insurance company won’t cover it (almost ALL plans do to some extent however), then use condoms. Or abstain. Those are all of your choices. And you are free to choose one that works for you.

But my tax dollars should not go to cover it. No way. No how. The government, businesses/employers, health care companies and tax payers are NOT responsible for you. You are responsible for your own condition. Period. There is no such thing as free birth control or healthcare or anything else. What’s free to you is being paid for by someone else.

Too many people in this country are growing more and more dependent on the government trough when the whole purpose of this country was for INDEPENDENCE.  People warred and died to have more independence and less overlord interference. Do not look to anyone but you. And maybe your family and friends. But certainly not the government. Not the tax-payers. Not your employer. Not your school. That is not their job.

Rush Limbaugh was out of line for calling her a slut. On the other hand, she put herself in the cross hairs with this issue. In today’s media-driven, 15 minutes of fame society, she knew she would be a subject of media attention. And frankly, I read so much crap in the media about Sarah Palin and her family  (who I don’t even like but will defend here) it was ridiculous. So not one person in the media has a stone to throw on this issue, even though they sure are.  And his sponsors cannot possibly be surprised. Do they never listen to his show?

The whole damn thing is preposterous.

Watched Margin Call last weekend. It was kinda meh. OK, but didn’t love it. No Wall Street. Not even Money Never Sleeps. But I like Paul Bettany and his character. And he has a small dialogue towards the end that, IMHO, rings quite true:

“If you really want to do this with your life you have to believe that you’re necessary. And you are. People want to live like this in their cars and their big fucking houses that they can’t even pay for? Then you’re necessary. The only reason they all get to continue living like kings is because we’ve got our fingers on the scales in their favor. I take my hand off and the whole world gets really fucking fair really fucking quickly and nobody actually wants that. They say they do but they don’t. They want what we have to give them, but they also want to play innocent and pretend they have no idea where it came from. That’s more hypocrisy than I’m willing to swallow. Fuck them. Fuck normal people.”

Many would probably see it as a greedy bastard banker speech. And it is. But I also see it as relatively factual view point that the average person doesn’t want to admit to being part of. Gordon Gekko touched on that in Money Never Sleeps too. Although I much preferred his Teldar Paper speech :)