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Yet another example of why I truly dislike government and lawyers. (Also see: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/05/19/Exclusive-9th-Circuit-Takes-Another-Plush-Maui-Vacation-At-Taxpayer-Expense-As-Others-Cut-Back  There is NO damn reason in the world ANY tax dollars should EVER be spent on a “convention” or “workshop” in Hawaii for public officials. EVER. Get to work jerks.)


Are you SERIOUSLY telling me a bunch of people ran out and bought Sketchers because they thought they would immediately transform into Kim Kardashian? Which in itself is a poor life goal choice. Her ass is not one to be coveted or shown as an example of a great exercise regimen. #threesizestoobig But I digress…

People have turned into whiny babies. It’s ridiculous. Do you know how you get thinner and more in shape? Watch what you eat, eat less of it and exercise daily. That’s how. No magic pills. No magic shoes.

Sketchers (and Reebok) claimed to have toning shoes. Well, if you were like me and read about them, you knew that they were basically supposed to imitate the imbalance of walking in sand or loose dirt so that your muscles worked a little more AS YOU EXERCISED. And they did do that actually. I have some of the Reebok Easy Tones and know they do. But I walk in the sand or dirt every day.

But if you bought them to walk to and from your refrigerator or walk to and from your car…well…that’s not going to work. The exercise part – the 1-2 hours you spent wearing them as you exercised was still the main driver of any real success in your weight loss/toning goal. The shoe was going to maybe add  a little extra to the workout. But if you were so disappointed by your purchase and felt hoodwinked by the companies, do you also feel that way if you buy Nikes and can’t jump as high as Michael Jordan? Or your boobs aren’t magically transformed into Victoria’s Secret model boobs? Or women aren’t hunting you down after spraying on Axe body spray?

Come on people – it’s an ad. It’s to get you INTERESTED in the product. Use the damn common sense you were allegedly given at birth to figure this stuff out.

As far as the lawyers, State AGs and the FTC who took this on – shame on you. You disgust me. This was a blatant shakedown. Most especially you Kamala Harris.   Go spend time prosecuting actual criminals. Like the cop killers you like to go easy on.