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I was going to write a blog post about how ridiculous it is that the President of the United States comes out to support something he was previously against solely for votes. And magically his supporters love him for it and knew their great leader just needed to see the light. Because if you think he changed any mind all of a sudden, or that his opinion “evolved”, there are some bridges for sale. This was a campaign move.

But then I remembered that the whole reason they (politicians and their teams) do things like this is to steer people away from questioning the REAL issues our government, and especially our leader, should be spending their time and efforts on.

I don’t cast my vote for President based on what religion the candidate is, what their view on abortion is, or gay rights, women’s’ issues, minority issues,  or any other social issues.

What I want to hear is how he (or she) will keep our country safe, keep the borders secure and support America to allow her citizens to prosper. Not start class warfare to help their reelection campaign or pick and choose social issues to pad votes.

But my guess is the media will suck on this morsel for a awhile and people will applaud it as “Presidential” and, for awhile at least, take mainstream focus off of the high unemployment, gajillion dollar deficit and continuing wars that we are funding and fighting.  And that is exactly what his team is hoping.


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