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This is gross.

“Some 25% of the people who lost jobs since 2008 have applied for and received government disability checks. As an aside, we normally think of disability as something physical (back pain, etc.), but since 2008 43% of those getting approved for disability cited psychological reasons like stress.”


Stress? Really? Guess what losers – that’s called life. If you can’t handle it, or change your life to address it, feel free to go away. But the government (AKA the taxpayers) do NOT owe you a living. There is a reason in nature the weak ones get culled from the herd. Because then you don’t pass on the weak genes. Not a bad system really. Has worked for millions of years.

I have seen some people who have applied for and received disability in CA. They are healthy. They are also criminal. But the government system/workers in charge of policing the system don’t care.  Because then they have job security. Circle jerk.
At some point this system HAS to change. It is simply not sustainable. See EU.

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