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This morning I saw a trending topic on twitter “Who is Paul McCartney”.  My first thought was “Hmm..End of Days is here.” I clicked over to it (I pretty much NEVER click on the trending topics as they are typically stupid unless some major news or sports event just occurred) and saw mostly outrage at the topic like my own, but did see a couple tweets indicating they didn’t know. They could have been messing around. But why would you make yourself look so dumb on purpose? (don’t answer…)

Anyway, I tweeted “Who is Paul McCartney is trending on twitter. It’s official. Twitter been taken over by 13 yr olds. Dumb 13 yr olds.” Since then, my phone has been blowing up with retweets, favorited and some responses – a few from offended 13 yr olds. Heh.

I think what this means is not so much that 13 yr olds DO know who Paul McCartney is (which some wanted to point out that they do) but that plenty of people think twitter has been taken over by 13 yr olds (dumb or not.) Sometimes the trending topics I see are sure signs that civilization has cratered into stupidity.  But perhaps I am being insulting to 13 yr olds. Some of those topics are most assuredly created/followed by adult-aged humans.

Another 2 trending topics at the same time were about how awesome Chris Brown is. So there’s that.

I just read a story that Ashton Kutcher turned over his twitter feed to his management company. So…what’s the point of having it now?

To be clear, I don’t like Ashton. I think he is douche. I’ve always thought he was a douche. Long before his cheating or replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men (which he doesn’t do well.) BUT, I appreciated the fact that he tweeted a lot and seemed to use the medium to connect with fans. He seemed genuine about that at least.

But now, because he tweeted something stupid, and got flamed for it, he disconnects. #fail

He is a celeb living in a very small, protected bubble. So it’s absolutely no surprise to me that he didn’t know anything about the biggest headline for the past few days (Joe Paterno.) I seriously doubt the guy is sitting around watching CNN or Fox News in the morning. Or picking up a paper on the way to the office. My husband doesn’t watch the news. He is not on twitter. And he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about college football. So he also knew nothing about the story. He said he saw a headline and didn’t think about it again.

And while I enjoyed bagging on Ashton for saying such a stupid thing because…well…I don’t like him much…it seems ridiculous that this much has been made of it. It was crystal clear he didn’t know what he was talking about. Anyone who thinks he didn’t know and was deliberately being an insensitive jerk is an idiot themselves. So call him out for being a bad fact-checker. Call him out for being out of touch. And definitely call him out for being a cheating bastard who is no Charlie Sheen (let’s think about that…) But that’s about it.

And turning over his twitter account to a management team? I think the whole reason people follow celebs on twitter is for them to be themselves and say inane, honest or random things. In the story I just read, one of the PR guys says he would rather his clients, whose tweets go through a vetting, tweet 1 or 2 times per month and say “something of meaning rather than endless prattle every day.” But I disagree. I think people follow celebs FOR that prattle. Otherwise, it’s just a soundbite. Or a story in People or US. And then who really cares about them on twitter at all?

Do I think Ashton is a tool? Yes. Am I on Team Demi when I don’t even really like Demi? Yes. Do I hate finding myself defending 1 word uttered by him? Yes. But I do defend it. Jeez – the guy is a douche. A clue less douche. But hardly worth the vitriol thrown at him on twitter last night (although I did find some of them amusing – especially the misspelled ones calling him an idiot.)

Seriously people…words are words. Stop placing so much importance on words. Actions mean more. Words, pretty/misleading/false/hopeful/hurtful can be uttered by a complete boob. And often are (see Washington DC.)

He hasn’t done this in awhile so he felt it was time. He recognizes that he needs to be better about that since his Dogster pals don’t know about his twittering (@StormDevil)…he is quite the popular guy :)

Just yesterday the team from our SEO marketing firm came for a meeting and asked about the buds (they do work at my company almost daily too!) before they got in the door.They really can’t help being so dang cute and awesome :)

If you are interested you can always click on the Dogster buttons on the right (done the column a bit) to see what they are up to.

Here is his page – the diary is down at the bottom. :)


I went to bed last night in a bad mood. And sure seemed to have woken up in an even worse one.  I woke up at 5:00am due to Storm needing to go out. Apparently he got a hold of something yesterday that did not agree with his tummy :( After that I was awake. But I just did not want to go out for a doggie walk yet so I climbed back into bed. This is actually very strange for me. Normally, once I’m awake – I’m up. But I just wanted to be under the covers. Plus it was still basically dark out and all wet and misty and cold – typical NorCal coast summer. Blech.

When I finally dragged myself out of bed, I took the buds on a beach walk. This always puts me in a better mood. Any walk with the buds usually does. But notsomuch today. Was pretty darn cute when Angelus waded out into the harbor and a seal popped up about 3 feet away from him and jumped up and out of the water. He was totally playing with Angelus! Very cute. Angelus wanted to go in after him! Luckily he was on leash. I would have loved to get a picture of this but it was so misty and wet out, no way I was taking my iPhone out of my pocket.

Getting ready for work I was determined to try and improve my mood so I piled on the pink. Just call me Andie today…And I just got my bracelet back yesterday from being repaired. So I have my pink bracelet back too!

But the day is still sucking. Not entirely sure why my mood is horrible. Lots of stuff racing through my head but that’s normal. Really is unlike me to stay down.  Even when I am in a bad mood – I can box it up and away to be happy about other things going on around me. But today seems immune to that.

As I type this, I am eating  my lunch so hopefully that will help my mood? But since it’s not macaroni and cheese or a cheeseburger with fries – seems unlikely.  But the reduced fat Filet of Sole frozen entree from Trader Joe’s is pretty tasty – I’ll give it that (for what it is…it’s no City Hall mac&cheese…)  I’ll be hungry in an hour or so (190 calories? Yeah, starving in an hour!) but that’s pretty much the case no matter what I eat. One of the girls that works here saw my lunch and said “that’s a small-sized lunch” and giggled as she made her big bowl of noodles and Chinese food. Yeah…thanks….

I didn’t even want to window e-shop while I ate. I should probably be checked for a fever or a tumor…:)  I did see these beauties thanks to @shoesmitten on twitter – HOT! I SO need these:

Christian Louboutin Candy Lace & Patent Spike Pump - HOT!

Christian Louboutin Candy Lace & Patent Spike Pump - HOT!

…well, “need” might be the wrong word…but DESIRE, COVET and the ever popular DROOLING OVER all seem to work ;)

Ok, done eating. Sometimes think just writing out (like in a diary when you were a kid!) can help. We’ll see! Back to work…

Got home after work and an after-work hike around 8:30pm. My huskies have been at home all day by themselves. I have come to the conclusion that I have more separation anxiety than they do as I missed them all day long and ditched an after-hike dinner to rush home and see them. Certainly more than my older dog, Angelus, who I know loves me to death but also is pretty husky-like and likes to stay a cool customer :) (Although he did run up, ears back, tail wagging with kisses when I got home :) ) The feeling of all that love coming at you when you walk in the door is pretty darn awesome :)

Angelus is, was and always will be, my guy. On his first night with us, first night away from his doggy mom and siblings, I slept on the floor with him in the kitchen (he was 7 wks old  – not potty trained yet.) That first weekend we picked him up, I was sick but I stayed with him the entire time – hanging out in the yard, walking him, sleeping by him.  He is my bud.  But he was not prone to hugging and skooshing – I had to break him down by constant hugging :) Now he’s like ‘fiiiiinnne…..as long as no one is looking.’ Unless it’s the pre-walk/breakfast morning time – then he is a huge love bug (or if you have chicken in your hand!)

My younger guy (by 1.5 yrs) is Storm. Hoth Stormtrooper officially with the AKC :) He loves his momma.  I guess it wouldn’t be far off the mark to call him a momma’s boy. He cannot let me out of his sight for very long. He follows me room to room at home if he notices I’ve been gone from where he is after a short while. And he waits for me by the door if I leave him at home.  I love the fact that he loves me so much but want to make sure he still has fun and is happy even if I’m not there! But I don’t think he truly does/is…

When he was a puppy he was supposed to be my husband’s dog (in hindsight this was like allowing your kid to get a pet ;) ) He wanted a puppy who loved him as much as Angelus loved me. I told him that with pets, they respond to who cares for them the most. Since I took care of Angelus 99.9% of the time, of course he loved me more (he better!!) To be fair to husband, he did start the puppy process by caring for Storm all of the time. He fed him, walked him, took him to work. I was not allowed to carry him to bed (I carried Angelus down to bed every night until I simply could not physically – he weighed like 60lbs!), feed him, skoosh or hug him. He was husband’s puppy!

Then Stormy got hurt. He crashed into a Rottweiler at the dog park and got up limping. He shook it off but then over the next week, he started limping more and more. His knee was never the same.  It would pop out (called luxating patella) and back in. So we found the best surgeon and got him his surgery. The first weekend was going to be tough as we have 2 flights of stairs in the house and Storm needed to be carried or at least helped using the doggie sling to go potty. And then hung out with to monitor, etc.  He got his surgery on Thursday and we picked him up from the hospital on Friday morning. He hung out in my office with me that Friday.

On Saturday morning my husband said he was going for a “quick surf” at Ocean Beach and then would be home to help with Storm. I asked him not go.  He said he “had to” – was “really good surf”.  Fine….(this is girl code for’ it’s not fine but I’m not going to argue about it’ – men should really learn that.)

About an hour or hour and a half after he left I get a call…he hurt his knee surfing, had to be helped from the water and could barely walk/drive home. And stairs were going to be hard, needed to go to a doctor, etc. Nice.   He wasn’t eaten by a shark so I felt justified in being more annoyed by the fact that I asked you not to go and you ignored me and now you were hurt just enough to be a pain in the a**.

Sure enough. He hobbled in. Doctor would tell him to stay off his leg. Possibly needed physical therapy, blah, blah….Of course, this also meant that he couldn’t help me with Storm.  Like carry the 50lb dog up and down the stairs or in and our of my car…for the next 6 weeks or something.

So I took care of Storm from that day on. He came with me and Angelus to work now. Stayed with us in my office. I took them for walks by myself. He became my dog. I cared for him when he was hurt.  He knew it. Very simple in the dog world.

I know he loves his Dad. But he can’t live without, or stand being apart from, his Mom. These guys mean the world to me. They make every day a good day. :)

You can follow their exploits on twitter: @mr_angelus and @stormdevil

Or on dogster:



This is Storm with his cast on and a pic of Angelus & Storm together (they don’t do THAT often!)

Storm with his cast

Storm with his cast

Storm & Angelus

Storm & Angelus