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This morning I saw a trending topic on twitter “Who is Paul McCartney”.  My first thought was “Hmm..End of Days is here.” I clicked over to it (I pretty much NEVER click on the trending topics as they are typically stupid unless some major news or sports event just occurred) and saw mostly outrage at the topic like my own, but did see a couple tweets indicating they didn’t know. They could have been messing around. But why would you make yourself look so dumb on purpose? (don’t answer…)

Anyway, I tweeted “Who is Paul McCartney is trending on twitter. It’s official. Twitter been taken over by 13 yr olds. Dumb 13 yr olds.” Since then, my phone has been blowing up with retweets, favorited and some responses – a few from offended 13 yr olds. Heh.

I think what this means is not so much that 13 yr olds DO know who Paul McCartney is (which some wanted to point out that they do) but that plenty of people think twitter has been taken over by 13 yr olds (dumb or not.) Sometimes the trending topics I see are sure signs that civilization has cratered into stupidity.  But perhaps I am being insulting to 13 yr olds. Some of those topics are most assuredly created/followed by adult-aged humans.

Another 2 trending topics at the same time were about how awesome Chris Brown is. So there’s that.

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