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Christian Louboutin at ShopStyle

Just purchased at NM online. They didn’t have my size in the local stores so I must wait for the UPS man…but that’s OK. I’ve waited almost a year (when I tried them on and loved them instantly) so I can wait a few more days. I decided my birthday was the day and no one was stopping me!

Still a stressful day at work but doing a little dance inside :)

Had trouble deciding on which shoes to wear today! The reason this is funny is because I used to have no black/dark shoes to fit this category – open toe heels but not sandals/wedges. Husband would looks at my shoes and say “How can you need *another* pair of black shoes??” Well simple, there are:

Work Pumps – high (4″+)
Work pumps – low (-4″)
Pumps – dressy
Flats – casual
Flats – work dress
Flip-Flops (don’t even count)
Strappy high heel (more of a sandal) – going out/dressy
Strappy high heel – casual/work acceptable
Peep toe pumps – dressy
Peep toe pumps – casual/work acceptable
Casual but not too casual heel to wear with capris or skirts – work
F Me Pumps (see bottom of page for these…)

There are probably more I haven’t listed. But this is your basic black shoe list (and brown shoe list if you are like me.)

So I have purchased a few pairs of shoes this year to try and fill out some of these categories. And after doing so – I found myself debating WHICH pair to wear today instead of lamenting that “I had nothing to go with this outfit!” YAY!

Outfit = simple one. Pair of Seven For All Mankind A pocket jeans – (sparkly butt to go w/my new Edward Cullen poster ;) )

7's sparkle :)

7's sparkle :)

Plus white lace tank top under a gray J. Crew cashmere short-sleeved cardigan. Now which shoe…

Steve Madden Makel - black

Steve Madden Makel - black


Guess Nevel - pewter

Guess Nevel - pewter

I wanted an open-toe shoe so as not to wreck my pedicure! Plus it is summer. I love them both and both went with the my outfit…

So after walking around the house while I finished getting ready I chose the Steve Maddens as they were a bit more summery/open. And good thing I didn’t walk out of the house with 1 of each on like I *almost* did!! Because then I would have to take this lunch break to go buy a matching pair of shoes at the mall instead of write this :)

And of course explain once again to my husband why I needed *another* pair of black shoes…silly boys…

Like these (that I WILL have someday!)

Christian Louboutin Very Prive Peep-Toe Pumps - Suede

Christian Louboutin Very Prive Peep-Toe Pumps - Suede

Oh…and these from the 2009 Fall Collection:

HOT!!!!!!! But I want the burgundy/black combo please :)

I went to bed last night in a bad mood. And sure seemed to have woken up in an even worse one.  I woke up at 5:00am due to Storm needing to go out. Apparently he got a hold of something yesterday that did not agree with his tummy :( After that I was awake. But I just did not want to go out for a doggie walk yet so I climbed back into bed. This is actually very strange for me. Normally, once I’m awake – I’m up. But I just wanted to be under the covers. Plus it was still basically dark out and all wet and misty and cold – typical NorCal coast summer. Blech.

When I finally dragged myself out of bed, I took the buds on a beach walk. This always puts me in a better mood. Any walk with the buds usually does. But notsomuch today. Was pretty darn cute when Angelus waded out into the harbor and a seal popped up about 3 feet away from him and jumped up and out of the water. He was totally playing with Angelus! Very cute. Angelus wanted to go in after him! Luckily he was on leash. I would have loved to get a picture of this but it was so misty and wet out, no way I was taking my iPhone out of my pocket.

Getting ready for work I was determined to try and improve my mood so I piled on the pink. Just call me Andie today…And I just got my bracelet back yesterday from being repaired. So I have my pink bracelet back too!

But the day is still sucking. Not entirely sure why my mood is horrible. Lots of stuff racing through my head but that’s normal. Really is unlike me to stay down.  Even when I am in a bad mood – I can box it up and away to be happy about other things going on around me. But today seems immune to that.

As I type this, I am eating  my lunch so hopefully that will help my mood? But since it’s not macaroni and cheese or a cheeseburger with fries – seems unlikely.  But the reduced fat Filet of Sole frozen entree from Trader Joe’s is pretty tasty – I’ll give it that (for what it is…it’s no City Hall mac&cheese…)  I’ll be hungry in an hour or so (190 calories? Yeah, starving in an hour!) but that’s pretty much the case no matter what I eat. One of the girls that works here saw my lunch and said “that’s a small-sized lunch” and giggled as she made her big bowl of noodles and Chinese food. Yeah…thanks….

I didn’t even want to window e-shop while I ate. I should probably be checked for a fever or a tumor…:)  I did see these beauties thanks to @shoesmitten on twitter – HOT! I SO need these:

Christian Louboutin Candy Lace & Patent Spike Pump - HOT!

Christian Louboutin Candy Lace & Patent Spike Pump - HOT!

…well, “need” might be the wrong word…but DESIRE, COVET and the ever popular DROOLING OVER all seem to work ;)

Ok, done eating. Sometimes think just writing out (like in a diary when you were a kid!) can help. We’ll see! Back to work…

I saw an ad for these shoes weeks ago. I am not normally a super pricey shoe person. Mostly because I pretty much end up taking my dogs with me everywhere (and outside) in every outfit I own (why I find cookies & poo bags in every pocket of every jacket, coat or pair of pants that I own!) Plus I feel I am going tospend a lot of money on a single item, it should be something I will wear a LOT (I really should have crazily expensive hiking shoes & dog-walking gear!)

But these shoes…I have to admit I have been wanting a pair of Louboutins more than any other brand. There are just so many cute ones! And I LOVE pink. I know – so stereotypically girlie – but I do love pink. Looks on my skintone in pretty much any shade.

I even told husband about these shoes earlier in the day (a sign!) because I was so in love with them. Of course, when I told him they were probably $800-$900 he was very happy that I added “but I wouldn’t spend so much on a pair of shoes.”

Husband & I were walking through the Palazzo Shops after dinner and we walked by Barney’s and their shoe section is right up front…and I saw them…and walked right in and picked them up and I loved them!

The price tag was on the bottom…I had been dead-on in my guess earlier. They were $865. There was simply no way I could justify that..ever. But I wanted to try them on anyway!! We were here and the salesman was more than happy to help us :)

As soon as I put them on I knew I was in trouble…helped that I was in a dress and had just spent the day in the sun so was tan. The pink just worked so well. Plus a fresh pedi! :)

Then the salesman said the magic words…”they are going on sale on Tuesday and I can give you that price now…”. Wha??????

Husband loves a deal. Husband loves when I wear high heels. Husband was in a strangely good mood (proof he might need to relax a bit more as we did today.) But again…husband loves a good deal and these were now 40% off!!

He asked me if I loved them. I said I did. Salesman agreed they were hot on me (hey – I’ll take the compliment even if it was in his best interests!) Husband gave up his American Express card – whoa!!!

I can definitely say they are the single most expensive item in my closet. But I absolutely love them!!! And now I need to buy a couple dresses to go with them!! (preferably on a really good sale!)

This pic was taken last night. The pink is a more vibrant pink IRL I think but you can see them in their awesomeness :)