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I finally listened to the entire new album (1989 in case you live under a rock) by Taylor Swift. I like it. I think my favorite song (at least after my first 2 run-thrus) is “How You Get the Girl”.

But honestly, I miss this Taylor…

She was never super duper country, but I think she did what she did well. And I can only listen to pure pop for a short time before I can’t take it. Maybe 1989 will change that? #doubtit

…at his concert in Kansas City for his KISS a Girl :)  OK – that’s great!!! (she’s the KISS member singing next to him the most :) )

So yes…I have been doing closet organization chores while watching the CMTs. But I’ve taken dance breaks for the live performances…Taylor, Sugarland with the B52s!, Jason Aldean, Rascal Flatts, Toby Keith and Kellie Pickler.

Storm showed his preference…he woke up and came out from under the bed for Kellie and “danced” with me :)

I guess he knows that any boy would have had the best days of their life with his momma ;-)

Stormy wants to dance!!!

Stormy wants to dance!!!

We saw the Taylor Swift concert last night! It was excellent!! Loved every second!

It was at the Mandalay Bay Event Center which is pretty big and it was packed. Obviously tons of little girls, tween and teenagers. But also plenty of couple and groups of non-kid aged people too. She definitely draws a mix of fans.

When we got there Gloriana had just gone on. I had seen their video on CMT and liked if a lot. Noted their name to disnliad their music just 2 weeks ago. Now I will for sure!

Kellie Pickler came out next. She is frackin’ adorable. Very pretty in real life and teeny-tiny! And she has a great live voice! I had some bitchy comments on twitter a while back about her live singing ability. Those people clearly have bad ears. She did a great job & very energetic – dancing all over the stage. She was wearing some sparkly glittery 5″ heels and she kicked them off after several songs to dance around. Very fun.

Then came Taylor. Her songs were fun productions with dancing or costumes. Her band really seemed like they were having fun with her too.

At one point she showed up on the other side of the center, sang a song with talking to the audience in between and then walked down to another small stage to an acoustic set. She then walked through the crowd to the main stage hugging her fans & taking pictures with them. She is very clearly appreciative of her fans.

She made sure she was all over the stage in every direction so each side/section could see her throughout the show.

She was definitely having a lot of fun WITH us :)

We had great seats and I really don’t need the hearing in my right ear from the screaming group of teenage girls next to me :)

Taylor writes her songs. And you can tell her teenage fans appreciate the honesty. And she was cracking me up with her chatting about her bad boyfriend songs.

Lesson 1 from Taylor: if you break her heart, hurt her feelings or mess with her friends – she WILL write a song about you :)

Lesson 2 from Taylor: boys shouldn’t do bad things. :)

I loved this show. And I would pay to again in a second. This is a lot for me as there are very music acts I like enough to want to see live.

I took some pictures with my iPhone and hope they come out here..

Taylor rules!!!(channeling my inner 16 year old!)