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The Empire Strikes Back – my most favorite movie of all time. The best movie ever made. Don’t argue with me, just accept it and move on.

LOTR: The Two Towers – best movie in that series by far. Mostly due to lots of Aragon sword-wielding, Legolas arrow-shooting, walking, talking trees, Orc aka Raider-fan destruction, battles and less weepy Hobbits. Seriously…what is with the Hobbits…

The Wrath of Khan – best Star Trek movie. Step up if you can possibly argue this and I shall slap you across the face with a glove.

Indiana Jones….such a tough one. I love all 4 (yes…FOUR…back off) but I still say Raiders of the Lost Ark was the best overall. But the opening sequence of both original sequels were fantastic.

Terminator 2 – who does not love this movie? And what is wrong with you?

Of course there are many more movies in the genre but these 5 series represent the largest fan base/viewing audience.

I feel like I should watch all of these all over again right now! :)

Now…Godfather II is argued to be the best as well. I do not agree. In mobster movies…I’ll take the 1 over the 2 for sure. “That’s my family Kay, that’s not me….”

Sit with Angelus while he eats his dinner. He didn’t eat his breakfast which has been stressing me out all day. He is hanging out in the front yard so I sit on the lawn with him. He eats – all is well with the world…whew :)

Go back inside and am kinda-sorta watching Godfather 3 as I run around the house doing chores. Husband has never seen it from beginning to end and he just finished re-watching Godfather 2 and I am always happy to have those playing…

I decide to stop and watch a bit.

Then bring in my new Vogue that just arrived.

Then read (again) that I really need a white bikini for this summer.

Grab laptop, search, find one, order one. Whew…

Finish Vogue as I continue listening to/watching Godfather 3.

Check on Angelus who is in the front yard. He is staring at a family and their little dog as they walk by and apparently and scaring them. He is in *his*yard people. Nothing to see here, move along, move along…

Pay more attention to Godfather 3. Pope John Paul I is killed. Hey – this is based on a real guy, let’s learn more. Bing search (that’s right – a big FU to Google) assassination of John Paul I.

Read some excellent conspiracy theories about that! One with a Wikipedia link to Angelus:


And then it’s all full circle again as I go back out and hug and see (the fluffy) Angelus :)

p.s. Not what Angelus is named after though…if you were wondering.