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The Empire Strikes Back – my most favorite movie of all time. The best movie ever made. Don’t argue with me, just accept it and move on.

LOTR: The Two Towers – best movie in that series by far. Mostly due to lots of Aragon sword-wielding, Legolas arrow-shooting, walking, talking trees, Orc aka Raider-fan destruction, battles and less weepy Hobbits. Seriously…what is with the Hobbits…

The Wrath of Khan – best Star Trek movie. Step up if you can possibly argue this and I shall slap you across the face with a glove.

Indiana Jones….such a tough one. I love all 4 (yes…FOUR…back off) but I still say Raiders of the Lost Ark was the best overall. But the opening sequence of both original sequels were fantastic.

Terminator 2 – who does not love this movie? And what is wrong with you?

Of course there are many more movies in the genre but these 5 series represent the largest fan base/viewing audience.

I feel like I should watch all of these all over again right now! :)

Now…Godfather II is argued to be the best as well. I do not agree. In mobster movies…I’ll take the 1 over the 2 for sure. “That’s my family Kay, that’s not me….”

Just got this poster! A friend bought it for me. It was created for a special screening of Fanboys by Austin Books and Comics at the Blue Starlite Drive-In. That would have been super fun to go to!

If you’ve seen Fanboys, you will understand it a bit more. But really all you need to know and understand is the Star Wars universe triumphing over the Star Trek universe :) I love the bits of bright red used for Han’s Corellian bloodstripe, the Imperial guard, Rebel flag, etc.


I much prefer this version since I’m generally against anything regarding the French Revolution :)