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Sit with Angelus while he eats his dinner. He didn’t eat his breakfast which has been stressing me out all day. He is hanging out in the front yard so I sit on the lawn with him. He eats – all is well with the world…whew :)

Go back inside and am kinda-sorta watching Godfather 3 as I run around the house doing chores. Husband has never seen it from beginning to end and he just finished re-watching Godfather 2 and I am always happy to have those playing…

I decide to stop and watch a bit.

Then bring in my new Vogue that just arrived.

Then read (again) that I really need a white bikini for this summer.

Grab laptop, search, find one, order one. Whew…

Finish Vogue as I continue listening to/watching Godfather 3.

Check on Angelus who is in the front yard. He is staring at a family and their little dog as they walk by and apparently and scaring them. He is in *his*yard people. Nothing to see here, move along, move along…

Pay more attention to Godfather 3. Pope John Paul I is killed. Hey – this is based on a real guy, let’s learn more. Bing search (that’s right – a big FU to Google) assassination of John Paul I.

Read some excellent conspiracy theories about that! One with a Wikipedia link to Angelus:


And then it’s all full circle again as I go back out and hug and see (the fluffy) Angelus :)

p.s. Not what Angelus is named after though…if you were wondering.

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