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It’s cold & snowing outside and my 49ers just lost and got booted out of play-off contention so comfort food is needed. Stat.

First. Put this on.



Slice up spicy Italian sausage (I used 5)
Slice up some mushrooms (I used a package of mushrooms – 10 oz)

Brown them in some olive oil

Meanwhile, boil some water

Make some pasta – I used a box of Gluten-free, non-GMO Quinoa rotini (yeah…we’ll see…)

Once both are done, mix in a baking dish, pour in a jar of sauce (or gravy if you prefer Corleones) and a few handfuls (big giant football player handfuls) of mozzarella. Make sure mixed well and bake at 350 (oh yeah…preheat your oven) for 25 minutes or so. FYI – I used “Rao’s Homemade Arrabbiata” sauce to keep with the spicy theme.

Then sprinkle Parmesan on it and bake a few more minutes.




And if your team lost and you are out of play-off contention, pour a glass of red too :)

Just heard this version recently. Awesome. Totally awesome.

Dino is still my all-time favorite because he is Dean Martin and his voice is pure velvet…

But Ella’s version is definitely a close #2.

Also, to the full and complete idiots who consider this a date rape song – suck it. This song is frackin’ awesome. Listen to the lyrics instead of just hearing them.

I’m listening to this while sitting by my Christmas tree, it’s snowing (and cold!) outside and my huskies are relaxing. A great night.

In honor of the marshmallow world that I left this morning..

I love these guys. There really never will be anyone as cool. I seriously wish I could time machine it back to see them live. Plus they actually had voices and could sing live….

I think this might be my favorite song of all time. Makes me swoon every time I hear it…

I wish I had a time machine to go back and see these guys live. Back when our entertainment figures entertained us with singing, dancing and acting and not flashing us their panties or beating their wives. Some of them likely did all that but we didn’t have 24/7 media coverage and paparazzi staking them out, waiting for them to fall, so the public just got to be entertained by the arts…I think I might belong in a different decade…