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In honor of the marshmallow world that I left this morning..

I love these guys. There really never will be anyone as cool. I seriously wish I could time machine it back to see them live. Plus they actually had voices and could sing live….


  1. Those guys were the kings of cool – even if some of the music was corny – they knew how to make it seem like it wasn’t. I saw Frank at one of his last performances and eventhough his voice was largely shot and he forgot the words to some of the classics, it was fun to go back to that era.

  2. When I first moved to CA, Frank was playing up here and I wanted to go so bad but no one I knew would go with me. They didn’t understand how cool he was. I should have gone alone – would have been worth it to see him live.

    The Rat Pack were some cool cats…errr…rats…err…umm.. :)

  3. You should have – Tony Bennett still has some of that aura – if you get a chance to see him before he..well…you know…