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These shoes were $525 in 2008. They are $965 now. Do NOT tell me there is no inflation. #governmentlies


Doing stuff around the house and work on my computer this afternoon so I turned the TV on. I like the noise. I can generally put on show or movie that I like, that is familiar, and can have it on in the background and get stuff done too. Occasionally, it can’t work in the background and I get sucked in (hello Star Wars, Raiders or The Godfather…) Today I put on Sex and the City. Love that show. The clothes are drool-worthy and the girls are fun! But I’ve seen most of the eps so many times that I won’t get too sucked in.

The shows that were on today is the arc with Carrie and Petrovsky played by Mikhail Baryshnikov (the final series episodes.) I have loved him since I was a kid. Not sure why – never really been into ballet or “the arts” (nose stuck up in the the air.) But I saw “White Nights” and loved him :) I went and saw him live when he came with his White Oak Dance Project. Amazing. And truly – I am NOT into “the arts” (I say pooshah to those people!) But he is amazing. I remember when I knew he was going to be SATC when it was first run – I was excited! I was not an Aidan fan so a good boyfriend (after Big) for Carrie would be great!

Watching the show now, his character is so, so perfectly romantic. Everything he does for Carrie. He is so storybook. Of course, in that TV/movie boy kind-of-way. He wants to take her to the ballet, read poetry to her, stay for days in his apartment hanging out and reading without needing to leave, go out to dinners in cocktail attire and drink champagne, make dinner at home in his fantastic apartment in cocktail attire and drink champagne! Plus he has a cool accent :) But then they are sure to show the self-absorbed artist side as well. But they make sure you fall for him before really showing too much of that.

But at the end of the day, when Big comes back and wants to win Carrie back, I can’t help but root for him. Big, for all of his many faults and mistakes, comes back and realizes Carrie is for him. Realizes that he made a huge mistake in letting her go and does whatever he has to do to get her back. He doesn’t give up. He flies to Paris for her! Sigh….To get her back from this “fairy-tale” that she is in with Alexsander in Paris. He can’t give Carrie up. And THAT, not his money or job or driver and car or house in Napa or nice suits or blah blah blah, is what makes girls keep rooting for him over all others. He wants her. And he doesn’t give up. Although I’m sure all men in the world would argue that. But then they are all searching for the 25 year-old supermodel nymphomaniac who will dote on them like King Henry, keep the house, run all the errands, cook dinner AND make a million dollars.

Now…let’s be real..Big is a TV/movie guy too. I am 100% convinced there are no men out there like Alexsander or Big. The rich guy cheating part – oh, that’s real. The guy who wants an awesome girl to be at their side but not more than their own selfish needs? Oh – that’s out there plenty. They definitely make Big more awesome than the real life guy would be. They make him a great movie/TV guy. And I can’t help but root for him. But just need to keep remembering it’s all Hollywood folks.

And just to make sure you remember that – E Online runs commercials for pure tacky, ghetto trash like The Kardashians, RuPaul’s Drag Race, The Dance Scene and other horrific “look at me” shows to make sure you don’t get too caught up in storybook fantasy. Society sure has taken a digger when this is popular entertainment. Gross.

Oh – look! Moulin Rouge is on! Listening to Obi Wan sing “Your Way” or “Come What May” (can listen to him sing this song over and over…this is where I developed my Ewan crush) is definitely decent romantic snowy Sunday afternoon fare :)

Yes…I want this….make fun of me all you want….

Judith Leiber limited editon strawberry cupcake clutch

Judith Leiber limited edition strawberry cupcake clutch

The one from Sex and the City is adorable! Loved it!

Judith leiber SATC bag

Judith leiber SATC bag

But the new limited edition one is pink :) You know what that means, right? I *should* totally have it! And I think $4,295 isn’t too much to ask for a perpetual calorie and fat free cupcake!! :)


And since I go to soooo many fancy events, I need this ;) So…do you think it would look out of place at the dog park?