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The AMAs were on last night. I didn’t watch them or even care to but all of the twitter bashing this AM of Justin Bieber’s winning a lot made me want to see his performance. So while I ate lunch at my desk, I looked for it on YouTube. He sang a nice song. He has a nice voice. How will it be once he breaks puberty? Who knows. But for now – sounds fine to me.

This is pop music. Acts come, get hugely popular and most of them go. I haven’t heard anyone compare him to Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin so lighten up people. I’d much rather have my 9 or 12-year old daughter listening to Justin Bieber than the Insane Clown Posse. Or even Eminem for that matter. They can listen to him when they are older (and never to ICP thankyouverymuch.)

I say let him enjoy his popularity – seems like a decent enough kid and he’s not run over anyone in his car, choked any porn stars, been indicted in a federal dog-fighting ring or been thrown into rehab (like some other awesome celebs lately.)

I find it amusing that so many (well…on twitter anyway which is obviously not how the world of tweens feels considering his crazy popularity) “adults” garner amusement or feel so strongly to very cruelly bash a 16-year old kid singing mainly to other 10 to 16-year old kids. It’s also rather interesting that some of these same twitter folks are likely the same people (I know a couple of them are for sure as I follow them on twitter or tumblr) who were outraged and cried and whined about bullying being so awful and prevalent today. Then they bash a 16-year old all over the internet. Today’s lesson – Adults are so awesome (=hypocritical a$$holes) kids!

He’s also a 16-year old kid who can sing *much* better than the auto-tuned crap and just plain really awful warbling pumped out nowadays in pop music. I tried watching a few of the other AMA performances that I could find on YouTube – couldn’t make it through any of them except Kid Rock’s – who also sang with no backup crap or auto-tuning and very simply. They were generally all ear-bleedingly awful (how is Kesha popular in any way for any reason?) I couldn’t find a good copy of the heavily promoted/hyped New Kids on the Block (not calling them NKOTB)/Backstreet Boys performance but I think I’d really prefer Donnie Wahlberg stick to acting – he is doing a great job in “Blue Bloods” on CBS. But hey – cash in if you can I guess = early retirement.

And most of these girls should leave the dancing to the “old ladies” Janet Jackson and Madonna. These younger girls move as smoothly as C3P0 would if he was short-circuiting.

I’m now going to put on some Paul McCartney to erase the ear ringing caused by watching 2 minutes of Lady Gaga and Kesha. You know him – he used to be one of those crazy long-haired Beatles that all the adults bashed in the early 60s…

I just finished watching the (DVRed) MTV VMAs. Here is what I learned…

1. I like Justin Bieber. Is he Paul McCartney? No. But no one is. Can he actually sing unlike 99% of the shitbirds pumped out into pop music? Yes. His YouTube videos sound better than most of crap MTV “professionally” puts out (when they bother with music at all.) Might that change when he hits puberty and his voice changes? Sure. So you can’t really blame him (and Usher) for cashing in now. Plus he reminds me of my little brother. When my brother was actually little.

2. I like Taylor Swift. I’ve liked her since her first song was put out on the internet. I’ve seen her live and know she can sing live and sound good. Does she have the range of Carrie Underwood? No. Does she have the best voice in the whole wide world? No. So. She has a pretty voice for the songs she does. Did you hear Rihanna with Eminem? She sounded like the cat whose tail is slammed in the door. Actually almost all of the singers on the show sounded like that. Plus Taylor actually comes across sweet and nice. So weird in the music industry. And frankly, I think country artists are the only ones left with real voices. Well, them and gospel singers.

3. I still like Eminem. I know he is very likely a freakazoid. But I don’t want to marry him, so I don’t care. He does have good stage presence.

4. No one cares, or will pay good money to see, “The Social Network” except desperate Justin Timberlake fans. Mark Zuckerburg simply doesn’t have that many groupies.

5. The majority of “pop” music created today is just that – created. Without the help of the studio most of these guys sound like crap. Pretty sure the Monkees could at least hit their notes.

6. I was really, really hoping a light fixture would have fallen in the hot tub set they had the Jersey Shore cast in…

All of this was learned while fast forwarding thru the 2+ hour show. It took 23 minutes from start to finish. Booyah.

p.s. I wish I could have 15 of those minutes back.

Ok, so my friend Lydia and I were critiquing this video while we were in the Juniors section of Macy’s yesterday. I was buying some tank tops, the salesgirl was hopelessly retarded, it was taking forever…and so were started watching the LOUD music and videos they pipe in….

We were making fun of the video as they were playing it as it sounded (before we turned around and saw it) like some Usher-ish music…(not typically my cup of tea) and we turned around and saw the video and it’s a teeny-tiny white kid! So then I instantly thought of him as my little brother or something and the little girls in the video who were hitting on him were instantly little dirty whores! (I’m protective of my little brother..)

By the end of the video we were humming the tune even though I HATE this kind of music. DOH!!! Same thing happened with Twilight…went with Lydia to make fun of it and we were in love with Edward in like..10 minutes. Sonofa…

Here is the video…and it turns out he seems to be a protegee of Usher as Usher appears in the video so I wasn’t all that off…

At the end of the day…it was hysterical that Lydia and I had so much fun giggling at this (and really, the little kid is adorable…) :)