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So my friend got online at 6:30. I met her at 7am. And we are about 2000 back but Ballroom 20 holds about 4200 so we are good to get in. So now we are sitting here on our little chairs we “won” at the Ringer panel. Genius swag.

I think the bulk of these hardcore people are for Torchwood – which I don’t care about. Then it’s The Walking Dead and finally Big Bang Theory which is the reason I am here waiting!! The Bones panel was cancelled :(

I’ve had my picture taken already. Chewie and my wolf ears are popular :)

We saw a pair of what I think were furries. Creepy.

Another woman wearing high heels. Serious stupid. I’m all for being cute but heels are so dumb here. Like watching the LA douche couple get in line for Hall H yesterday – guy in his Ed Hardy finest and girl in a silk sheath dress with 5″ heels…sinking in the grass. Those are the real dorks here.

Oh – we are moving! Gotta go!

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