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Woke up, fed the huskies and took them on their walk at 7am. Already a gorgeous sunshiney day here and the huskies and I had a great walk! I knew I had to get back by 8:50am though!!! Before I left, I set up my laptop and put my wallet next to it so I could run in and be ready! We ended up getting back at 8:45am so I made some coffee – figured it was a good idea to add some caffeine to my already amped up mood! Had the reg page all up and ready to push go. And at 8:59am…it crashed. Doh….here we go again…

Was on chat with my friend so we could collude on getting passes – whoever got in first had the marching orders to purchase! Kept refreshing and finally got the order page after 45 minutes. Then it timed out again. NO!!!!!! (all Darth Vader style!) Husband texts me (from downstairs) “what are you doing?” (yes, I did actually yell out NOOOOOO!) I don’t have time to text you back, I have to keep hitting refresh!!! But the URL did say checkout so I had hope that I was in a different part of the website! Finally I got to the credit card and registration info page! YAY! Enter all the info and then…timed out again. GAH! But it said order review in the URL so again…HOPE! And then after refreshing lots more – CONFIRMATION!

The order was confirmed and I saved a screen shot of my confirmation page! They aren’t sending confirmation emails out until (starting) 2/8 so I wanted to be sure I had the info! Hopefully, it is not screwed up somehow. The system basically sucked but at least it worked this time. Ah….the good ol’ days (like 5 years ago) of faxing in my registration and getting my pass sent to me in the mail are long gone….Now it’s hit refresh and yell at my screen for an hour, hope the order actually went through and then wait in a 2-hour long line to pick up my ticket in San Diego. Improvement of modernization? Notsomuch….

BUT…the point is I got them!! YAY!!!! 4 day pass for me and my friend! And a day pass for husband so he can pop in if he wants but not be forced to endure 4 straight days of geeks and lines :) And the Chewbacca backpack gets another San Diego adventure!

This was as I left for the airport to SDCC laat year!

Now I just need to figure out the lodging. Details, details…

The last 2 times they started registration and put tickets on sale, and the systems crashed, I remember having it on my calendar and being excited but between Storm health issues and family troubles, I was unable to try and get them. Life wasn’t cooperating. But then neither could anyone else. I put this date on my calendar and hoped I’d be able to get tickets. So I like to think that I was meant to go to Comic Con this year and have a blast like last year :)


  1. Sonya
    8:37 pm on February 5th, 2011

    I CAN’T WAIT!!! yay for us! I can’t wait to start planning our attack of the panels :)

  2. HOORAY FOR YOU! I love going to conferences and conventions. So much fun! And that back pack is awesome!

    Looking forward to seeing all the pics!

    Of course if Harrison Ford is there – you must get a pic with him – preferably with his arms around you. Calista who? ;)


  3. We will have fun!!!!

  4. I need to get a new camera! I said that before Comic Con last year but then I didn’t. MUST do that!!

    And if Harrison Ford is there again, and I can get close enough, my friends know they might need to bail me out of jail ;)

  5. feloniousrazor
    6:14 am on February 8th, 2011

    Ha – how many times did you keep hitting the refresg button??? Now you can get your geek on and let the flag fly high. I’m sure someone from that ‘cowboy’ movie will show up for promotion.

    Just remember to take the lightsaber or a stun gun in case a nerd rumble breaks out again!

  6. Ohmygosh – I had 3 windows open and kept going back and forth for refresh a gazillllllllion times (said in my best Dr. Evil voice!) Was sure all the geek fanboys wrote scripts to do this for them!

    Heh…I am very much hoping Mr. Ford graces us with his presence once again (squeee!) My one worry is that I think the entire cast of Twilight will be there. And while I enjoy the movies, and tweeny, fainting, screaming fangirls (and their Moms!) need to stay away!

    That’s right – need to be armed in case another stabbing! I can fit a lot in that Chewbacca :)

  7. feloniousrazor
    1:03 pm on February 8th, 2011

    I can imagine you rapidfire refreshing with the string of fricks and fracks!

    Riddle me this – if the twilight crew shows up might that not be enough of a distraction to keep the tweenieboppers away from HF long enough for you to snap the photos, cut a lock of his hair and perhaps avoid the restraining order???

  8. Hehe – yes…quite a few!

    While that sounds like an outstanding scenario – they will schedule them on different days. If they do happen to schedule them on the same day, and I do happen to get said restraining order, I expect a good lawyer referral. One who can argue the Chewbacca defense for me :)