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I really hate when people use the term “throwing someone to the wolves” when referring to how someone wasn’t cared for properly, or how they would be on their own to fend for themselves in a harsh situation, or stuff like that.

Wolf packs actually care very much for their pack mates. Pups are cared for by not only the mother but the father and other pack mates.

So what people actually should be saying is throwing someone to the homo sapiens because you are much more likely to get a crappy parent/family/boss/etc from the humanoid world than from the Canis lupus one….

Would rather be raised by...


  1. You are absolutely right! as an aside- a dear friend of mine would like to adopt a child and she has been poked and prodded and psycho-analysed within an inch of her life – even had to get her BMI checked. I couldn’t believe that she had to go through all of this and yet 16-year old crack-addicts can just spit out babies and leave them for the system to take care of. Another friend who adopted 2 kids with Down syndrome with her partner told me that in my city – Ottawa – (which isn’t that big a city) there are increasing numbers of kids between the ages of 8-10 in the system – their teen/young moms give them up when their kids started to get older and began cramping their lifestyle – i.e going out. Those kids would have been better off raised by wolves – like Mowgli in The Jungle Book!

  2. You need a license to drive, fish, hunt, build, post signs, etc but losers everywhere can breed and dump their offspring on society. Another reason I am against welfare and free programs – rewards people for irresponsibility. Meh. Animals are way better parents.

  3. – Banksy has absolutely no aiittsrc talent at all, only the talent for self promotion and self importance. Only people who don’t understnd art like him. This is the age of the Stupid.