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Went on a great hike this morning! Took the buds out early but it was already too warm for them so I went on the long, uphill hike alone (Storm thanks me.)

Saw a few runners sprint past me. Saw them at 3 different spots on the hike but all 3 were young (late teens), shirtless, SKINNY, and wearing those teeny runner shorts I thought went out in the 70s for me. And all I could think as they ran past me was “Run Forrest Run!” But besides them, and a gazillion chipmunks, birds and butterflies, no one else. A very peaceful hike. Plenty of time to think….which brings me to the question that got stuck in my head…a question I’m sure I’m not the only one to ask. I’m sure it’s been addressed somewhere but I haven’t read it.

Why at the end of the “revised” Return of the Jedi does Anakin appear young, and not old like he used to and like Obi Wan? I mean, can you just choose your apparition age? Bonus if so. But then why would Ob-Wan stay Alec instead of Ewan? So that’s not it.

It’s obviously not as simple as your apparition age is as you were when you died because we saw older, crusty Darth die.

It can’t be because that was when Anakin was last a member of the non-dark side (it’s always the dark side but never the light side..) and a “true” Jedi because really he did pretty questionable stuff back when he was a teenager with the whole ‘slaughter all the Tusken Raiders who took your Mom and lie to the Jedi Council about Padme’ business. And he technically reverted back to good when he shafted Palpatine to save Luke. I believe this is what the general consensus is but let’s face it – Anakin was a lying punk already in AOTC.

So then is it because the Jedi ARE actually a bit more judgey-judgerson than we know and they didn’t want a burnt, grown over with scars, pizza-face Anakin in their blissful nether-universe? I hope not…I think we all need to believe that they are truly good both inside and out….

But as a side note, I do actually like the change GL made to the end of ROTJ (NOT Ep VI to me) with the various cities celebrating. Just need to work out this Anakin business… :)


  1. I don’t think that GL is that well thought out. They released that dreck shortly after Episode III and they were planning Clone Wars and since GL owns the licensing/marketing rights kids want the “new” anakin action figures etc. and couldn’t care less about the Rod Steiger alabaster needs a frickin’ tan looking dude. Old Obi Wan was needed because he was already dead Face it – the beautiful people rule the universe.


  2. Heh. Well, I think GL is a genius business man so you are probably 100% correct about the action figure thing. But I still want the storyline explanation for it! :)

  3. HAHAHAHA…omg, you’re hilarious. So geek.