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Today started nicely enough. Woke up early, took Storm and Shadow out TOGETHER. First time ever for me to do myself. Fed them (separately of course.) Checked the market, answered some work email, took Shadow on a good, long hike to tire him out. Nothing crazy. Then…

As I was packing husband called and said the contractors called him to let him know that the power company came out to shut the power off at the new house where a *gajillion* contractors are working to finish the house. They told the guy to go away and come back later and they called husband who called me to yell at me that the former owner had sent me an email telling me this would happen and why didn’t I handle it. Huh? I said I never received such an email. He responded yes I did. No – no I didn’t. I instantly knew the guy had sent it to husband only and not me and husband assumed I was cced on it without looking or asking me. He called back to tell me this is what happened after looking through his email and could I please call the power, water and gas companies to fix it as they were all set to be shut off today if not re-assisgned to us. No sorry I yelled or assumed you were an idiot. OK. Whatever.

I called them all. Got it all switched over. Even after the power company said there was no way it would happen today without a signed application brought in or mailed. I explained that was not how this was going to go. Got a supervisor. All fine. OK, crisis averted. Move the day along.

Then, I wanted to start getting the car loaded for the drive to Tahoe. Shadow was sleeping in the entryway. I said come on, “let’s go” all happy-like. Luckily I had opened the front door before I did this. He charged me and bared his teeth. I backed up fast put up my knee to prevent any jumping at me and his tooth got my leg but it doesn’t hurt although he did break the skin. I was far more worried about Storm who came to the stairs to see what was happening and started to come down. Instantly I envisioned Storm getting attacked as Shadow turned around (as Storm was ah-rooing) and I yelled NO. He turned and started coming back towards me and again I said NO but to him. He laid down but I was a bit freaked out. I had Storm at the top of the stairs and me outside. I called husband who told me to start my car and pull away and that Shadow would come out to follow. I did and he only came out after I backed back into the driveway. He started coming outside so I opened the tailgate and he jumped in. I slammed it shut and left the windows open with the A/C blasting for him. Got the car loaded and Storm in the back seat and off we went.

THEN, I got pulled over by a CHP for speeding. I was speeding. I didn’t argue with him. But he was probably the nicest (and funniest) cop I’ve ever met. He approached the car and asked if I knew why I was being pulled over? I innocently said no. He said he clocked me at 81 in a 65. Hmm. Probably I thought. My car is very fast with no effort at all. He then said had he known he was pulling over such a pretty girl, he wouldn’t have. Aww. I see wjat he was doing – he disarms you so that your anger/frustration goes away/gets less. Smart. Then he went on saying how he was so sorry to pull over a basically law-abiding citizens. He said I’m sure you will get this ticket and pay it and move on, even probably not to try and speed for awhile (I laughed.) He said but later on tonight he will pull over a yahoo who won’t pay his ticket, will have a warrant issued, get arrested and spend a couple nights in jail costing the taxpayers money. He went on to say that the ticket money that I send won’t go to the police but be spent on some governement waste as usual.

Then he added how he hated this system but it was his job to write tickets all day no matter what so he would write me up for 79 instead if 81 which changes the ticket amount level. He apologized for having to write the ticket and said I could contest it if I wanted. Wha? Then after he gave me the ticket he said it was very dangerous on the road so he will clear the traffic so I could get out into it. OK….

Was quite funny. I never contest speeding tickets. I speed every time I am on the freeway. Never on city streets or residential – ever. But the freeway? Unless it’s raining/snowing – I am speeding. Have you ever tried going the speed limit on the freeway? It’s like you are driving 20 mph. So when I do get a ticket (about 1 every 2-3 years), I view it as my offering to the highway gods. But he was pretty darn funny and did take away any annoyance I probably would have felt. Excellent skills he had.

To pile onto the day, ZNGA reported their crap earnings and my position took a good digger after hours. Should be a fun morning when i check my account. I have basically written off that position, leaving it in my account to hopefully be worth something some day. But still. Jackasses. Grrrr.

I got to the house and the mountain air IS glorious. The house is a complete mess. When I mention it to husband he looked at me and said “really?” Sigh….Oh, and then he added that the realtor called with a viewing tomorrow at 4pm. So apparently I get to clean tomorrow AM. Yay! In between all the work I brought up with me. Double-yay!

Then just for a chuckle, husband says (after we were discussing a news story) “the whole reason I married you is because you’re the only girl I’ve ever met who isn’t completely crazy.” Hmm. Well, that’s probably a good damn thing or you would be dead by now.

Sigh. I am not in a bad mood at all (strangely?) but some relaxing is in order so I just opened a bottle of wine and poured myself a glass. Tonight shall be mine. Now, what’s on my DVR…


  1. Sonya
    8:32 pm on July 25th, 2012

    Oh my god what a day. How’s your knee?? That’s crazy you got such a nice cop.

  2. Oh it’s fine. Was more the issue that it happened again even if much less severe :/ He had been doing so well too. Someone definitely hurt him before :(

    The cop was SO nice. His charm diffused any annoyance I had. Pretty good skill for him to have when he undoubtedly pulls over a lot of jerks.

  3. Helen
    4:29 pm on July 27th, 2012

    Yikes so that’s what happened. What do you think triggered him? Regardless, I love you how made what could’ve been a truly shitastic day, an entertaining blog article.

    That…and your husband is miraculously still alive.

  4. We think he has issues with people coming in through doors where he can’t see clearly (either dark or the sun shining in?) He has growled at a few contractors. So it’s either a behavior to fix or maybe his eyes?

    :) Sometimes you just gotta say what the F*** (name that movie. And if you have not seen it, rent it right now and come over this weekend!) :)

  5. Helen
    10:27 pm on July 28th, 2012

    Came onto blog to order more stuff…realized that I don’t get your replies to my comments :/ doh.

    So, I have not…shamefully…seen this movie either. Are you around next Saturday? I’m going hiking tomorrow.

    Roxy was like that initially – she’d bark if she couldn’t see your face. Ed’s convinced she’s nearsighted (hopefully not as bad as her mom).