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I was driving on Highway 80 from Tahoe down to the bay area last night. It was still light out but it was fading. But enough light so that I could see out of the corner of my eye the GIANT spider walking across my visor. ARGH!!!!!

It took ALL of my inner strength to not scream and veer my car off the road. OK…I did scream actually. More like a loud EEK! I was in the area on 80 that has no exits or turn offs. There is a shoulder but since it was getting dark I really didn’t want to pull off on the shoulder and get out of my car and jump around screaming…and then get hit my a passing truck and that’s how Darwin Award emails get started…..

So I just kept my eye on the spider and kept looking for the next exit. I got over into the slow lane and as the spider started crawling off my visor and onto my driver’s side window, therefore getting closer to my head, I seriously wanted to just cry. I HATE bugs. HATE. I understand their place in the ecosystem and I don’t go out of my way to kill them, and always remove them from the house alive. All I ask of them is that they stay outside. OUTside from wherever I am. I guess this guy did not get that memo.

Finally I see the exit sign. Then I lose sight of the spider. NOOOOOOOO! I pull off and there is a turnout right at the bottom of the exit – YES! I pulled off and start looking for him. Then I see him. I slowly open my door so he doesn’t just blow or fall off onto me after all this. Then I get a napkin and SWOOSH! OK, he’s off my door. But wait – where is he? Is he on the napkin?! ARGH! I drop it and I see him run off the napkin and run (crawl? scamper?) off. Whew. I’m safe.

I close my car door and look over to my right. I see 2 guys filming ( I guess the sunset) and looking at me. They wave and smile. Yeah, thanks guys. You saw a lady in distress and didn’t come save me. Whatever. Didn’t need you. I drove off much more relaxed.

This morning I was on the living room floor skooshing Storm on his bed. I see a giant spider run across the floor. Looking like the exact. same. spider. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

This is why I like the winter/snow. No bugs.