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According to Wookieepedia…

“The phrase dates back to at least 1979, on the day Margaret Thatcher was elected Britain’s first woman prime minister. Her party took out a newspaper ad in the London Evening News that said “May the Fourth be with you, Maggie. Congratulations.” ”

Iron Lady for the win! :)


I love Margaret Thatcher so was excited for the film. I think Meryl Streep is one of the best actresses alive so was happy to see her in it. But I didn’t love the movie. Didn’t hate it. Worth watching. But I feel they treated her very superficially.

She was the single most powerful woman in modern politics (sorry Hillary – you lose. In a big way.) I think far more should have been shown in the movie about what drove her, what she felt, why she felt it.  She changed the course of Britain. They touched on it a bit but you could get that much from reading her wikipedia page. Instead we get her dealing with old ghosts. Literally.

It’s rather funny to watch her old speeches and to see what she was against and railing on is exactly what is destroying the EU today. And the US. Funny and sad…

Meryl Streep did a fine job of course. And there were lots of recognizable British actors: Giles from Buffy, Viserys (not looking freakish!) and Ser Jorah from Game of Thrones, Ann Boleyn’s Dad from The Tudors. But Colin Firth and The King’s Speech was a FAR more powerful movie. And of course Elizabeth. But when you throw in sword-fighting and knights, it’s not really fair now is it?