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I was down in the Bay Area today and HAD to go to the Stanford Shopping Center to return some shoes.

I wanted to swing by the Louis Vuitton boutique to look at a bag I saw in Vanity Fair. It was super cute but I was pretty sure wouldn’t be right for me, especially at the price. But no harm in looking….right?

As I assumed, the bag was too big for me (whew.) Especially for a fun spring/summer bag. Now that I don’t tote around a bunch of junk to and from an office, I have gone back to my little bag preference. Way more me.

As I was saying “sorry no” to the salesgirl, I saw a cute yellow bag up on the highest display shelf above all the standard LV monogram stuff. She followed my eyes and said “oh yes, you will like that.” :)

She pulled it down and bingo. That was it. I carried both around the store and both my salesgirl and another salesman agreed the smaller bag worked for me better. Since the other bag cost more than twice as much, I was glad to see they weren’t trying to push it! Plus my salesgirl was super friendly and we chatted about Tahoe.

I’ve never been a big fan of LV because I don’t like to be a walking billboard for your brand. A small logo, sure. Who doesn’t like to see those small, cute interlocking CCs :) But when the designers plaster their logos all over your bag or shoes (or arse…talking directly to you Juicy Couture), I say no thanks. Not for me. Although I do really like the Murakami line they did. Very pretty.

But this bag has only 1 little embossed LV in the corner. Perfect! Plus it’s yellow! Well…technically Citron. She is my first Louis. The Alma BB Epi. And unfortunately for me they make her in a quite a lot of cute colors. Uh-oh…


Since my birthday is a month-ish away, I decided that this would be my annual gift to myself! I blame re-watching Sex and the City last weekend. That and The Devil Wears Prada always and without fail make me want to shop. I also blame my friends who were not there to talk me out of it ;)

Cannot wait to take her out and celebrate :)