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Finally watched my Wonder Woman animated movie that I think I have had it on my family room table, as well as with me whenever I go up to Tahoe for an extended period, for like…over a year. If not 2. But I’d prefer to not think it’s been that long.¬† Because that means I have aged 2 years and OBVIOUSLY that is not true.

I liked it a lot. Was a good story, great animation and I was trying to guess the guest star voices :) It kept most of the Wonder Woman beginnings that I remember from my childhood reading. And the changes weren’t so bad that I wanted to say out loud at the screen¬† “That’s Not Right!” (yes…I have said that out loud in theaters….embarrassing my friends :) )

Funny thing about Wonder Woman mythology is that on the surface it is pretty anti-man, anti-mankind as a whole. I don’t recall ever noticing that as a kid. And since I’m fairly anti-mankind nowadays, it doesn’t bother me at all now…adays.

This movie had some pretty funny lines. Mostly by Steve Trevor (possibly my favorite: [after Diana shows a girl how to swordfight] “That was sweet. Teaching her to disembowel her playmates like that.” I laughed out loud.) And some by Artemis voiced by Rosario Dawson who sounded nothing like the Rosario Dawson of movies (ZERO Puerto Rican accent.)

The bad thing about watching this movie is that is got me searching Amazon for the Justice League movie, JLA seasons from Cartoon network that I missed due to time constraints and putting the Clone Wars Season 2 in my cart.

I bought the Wonder Woman Kotobukiyi statue while at Comic-Con. I have found that the female figures done are a) way cooler and b) rarer since most geek buyers are male so buy them up FAST :) Don’t believe me? Sample of an eBay auction for another statue that I want: “Kotobukiya CATWOMAN Bishoujo statue by Shunya BOOBS!” Yeah…so…anyway….a fairly good investment. *shaking head*

I really liked her when I saw her. I wasn’t planning on buying her. I was at the booth to buy the Han in Carbonite ice trays as well as the Star Wars light saber chopsticks (yeah…what?) Anyway, I saw her and liked her. Impulse buy! Kotobukiya does a good job with their statues. Their Chewbacca has been on my Find and Buy list for awhile.

I put her up on the living room bookshelf. Husband “demands” the collectibles kept in the home office so the house doesn’t start to look like The 40-year old Virgin’s house. Whatever. I get it. But whatever. I keep my voice-controlled R2 unit in the living room. Anyway, I put the WW statue up on the bookshelf in the living room. On the shelf with some Greek mythology. That works, right? Let’s see how long it takes for him to notice :)


  1. Very cool statue! I think i saw that Wonder Woman cartoon. There was one that i saw that was voiced by Lucy Lawless – personally I think if it had been ten years ago she would have made the perfect Wonder Woman.

    Did you have fun at Comic Con? Was Mr. Ford there? ;)

  2. squozed
    6:31 am on August 8th, 2011

    If you haven’t checked it out yet, the book ‘supergods’ by Grant Morrison goes through the origins of WW and it is really interesting. The concept was thought up by a Columba professor William Marston based on his, his wife’s and their muse’s bondage/sm fantasies. Anyway, that seemed to be an underlying theme to some of the more popular ones like the batman.

  3. Ooh – I need to find that cartoon. This one was voiced by Keri Russell. You are right – Lucy would have made a good WW. It’s a hard role to cast in the real world. The actresses now that might have the right look, I don’t think could pull it off. Thank god that NBC show didn’t get picked up. That looked wretched. I’d prefer they leave it animated at this point.

    I love my statue :) But I made the mistake of looking at their other female hero ones and now I want Batgirl, Catwoman and Emma Frost. Doh. I collected a lot of the female action figures too. Such a girl. Wait…it’s the boys that buy those! (not kidding – they always sold out first at Toys R Us!!!)

    Oh my – a very fun time at SDCC!!!! No Mr Ford though :( So I’ll have to say not as good as last year due to that. Plus I was gimping around with my ankle that I’m not supposed to walk so much – oopsie. Just had to ice it every night. It was size of 3 ankles!! Sexy! ;) But it was worth it. Plus I think it helped build the muscle up. I had time to quickly blog my day every night as I iced my ankle so it worked out. Excited for next year! Assuming I can get tickets…always a challenge! Damn geeks ;)

  4. What?? I refuse to believe one of my favorite childhood heroines was a result of S&M fantasies – ARGH!!! Now I have to investigate the book!

  5. I’m sure you were rocking that swollen ankle! ;)

    The cartoon with Lucy Lawless was a direct to video release – (My nephews have it so i watched it at their place heh!)

    “Justice League: The New Frontier”

  6. LOL! I just bought that DVD from AMZN yesterday! I should have it by Friday and will hopefully watch it this weekend :)

  7. AKAIK yovu’e got the answer in one!