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I saw my favorite movie ever 29 years ago today. I stayed up almost all night watching commercials and tv spots showing clips. I was so excited. I knew “never tell me the odds!” was a favorite quote of mind that night.

I made my Dad promise he would take me and not stay at work late. None of my friends were into Star Wars. Most of my friends were older than me so were starting to think about dating, sneaking into R rated movies, etc. But me…I was definitely making my Dad take me to the afternoon showing and then to Burger King to get the glasses! (I bought 2 of each – 1 to use and 1 to save and still have them!)

We had a great time. My dad wasn’t late, we played Asteroids at the theatre while waiting and loved the movie! And even though he hated fast food, my Dad took me to BK afterwards. And I just realized as I typed this that he took me to my first viewing of all 3 of the original trilogy. We didn’t do much out together as a family – he worked a lot – but we did this.

Then I saw it 10 more times in the theatre with as many different combo of friends and family/parent’s friends that I could muster. And then countless times on VHS, re-release, DVD, etc.

But it all started 29 years ago today with my Dad taking me. :)

(And still my favorite movie poster of all time! Will always have a prominent place in my home!)

Happy Birthday “The Empire Strikes Back”. :)


  1. Mandy
    10:23 am on May 22nd, 2009

    I too went to see Empire Strikes Back opening weekend! We went to that theatre in LA that was the big white golf ball dome (is it still there?) and I remember watiing in a HUGE line outside. It was AWESOME. Also before the movie started I tried walking over the seats to go to the br or somethign and my foot fell thru the seat crack when the lower part is up and was totally stuck for a while. I was very embarrased :)

  2. Helen
    2:10 pm on May 22nd, 2009

    29 years ago…wait, you couldn’t have been more than 2 :) This is a cute blog.

  3. ratherchildish
    2:28 pm on May 22nd, 2009

    Hurray ESB!!! Now that was a great movie. I remember going to see it after school a couple days after it was released. I was pretty much b-leeeewwwwnnn away of course. 29 years? Sheesh.