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This is our local weather guy, who has been far more accurate than the news weather guys…

“Resort Totals page updated as of 6 a.m. Resorts West of the lake reporting 18-36 inches with the highest amounts on resorts furthest West. Resorts East of the lake reporting 6-8 inches as there was good shadowing overnight due to the direction of the flow from the South.

That brings the 2 day totals to 3-5 feet on the resorts on the West side of the lake, and 7 day totals to 5-10 feet. Reports from Truckee this morning of around a foot in the past 24 hours.

NWS reported a pressure reading in the center of the storm around 2 a.m. of 981 mb. That is a category 1 hurricane pressure and one of the lowest recorded pressures recorded in the past several decades according to the NWS. This has also been causing high winds on the crest which has closed I-80 this morning & some of the resorts for today.

The center of the low is moving Northeast through Northern CA and is pushing a cold front towards the Sierra. That will increase the snowfall intensity this morning. Heavy snow will continue through the day and into tonight as the front is slow to move through. Once the cold front clears the snow becomes showery overnight and into Monday.

Total liquid on the models through Monday morning is still the same at 2-2.5 inches. So expecting 1-2 feet at lake level and 2-3 feet above 7000 ft., possibly more on the crest. Snow ratios above 7000 ft. will be around 15:1 so light snow but not as light as the last storm. Weekend storm totals on the resorts should end up around 5-8 feet.

Cold unstable airmass and a continued moist flow off the Pacific will continue the snow showers into Monday night. We could pick up several more inches Monday and Monday night. Tuesday looks like the one short break before the next storm moves in as early as late Tuesday night.

The first wave in the next series of storms pushes in by Wednesday. This first wave doesn’t look as strong with several inches at lake level and over a foot on the mountains. Next wave moves in on Thursday and is strong and lasts through Friday. This one could drop around 2-3 feet. The third wave moves in on Sunday and models are not in agreement on the strength.

This series of storms Wed-Sun is going to drop several more feet on top of the massive amounts we have already received in the past week. Looks like we could finally have a break after next weekend, but it may not last as we could see storms return the first week of April. Stay tuned……”

It seems to me that this spring is looking like a good one. I also believe wholeheartedly that the huskies have a deal with the weather gods :)

Took the huskies out this AM to pee before breakfast. They ran around in circles in the snow with big smiles! Stormy ran right inside for breakfast though. No keeping him from breakfast. I had to entice Angelus back in though! They inhaled breakfast and were ready to get out there! The driveway was about mid-calf on me. This was just from about 2am when the snow plow came and did our driveway and easement road. But this is belly high on Stormy.

When we got up our easement road to the street it was even deeper as the town snowplows hadn’t come yet. It was high enough for Angelus’ chest to have to push through the snow. Stormy toughed it out with his naked belly but we lasted about 25 minutes out and he wanted to turn back. The snow was coming down so fast that it was getting on our eyes and I think he was like “Mom, inside sounds good to me!” So we went back home and dropped Stormy off. Then Angelus and I went on our way….

We came across a couple with a little black doggie who had to leap through the snow. But he was having a good time. He and Angelus played for a bit and then Angelus got bored so off we went. The streets were unplowed so they are just like a giant snow field. No cars on the road and nice and quiet out. Perfect. Then we met another doggie – a standard poodle – who was as tall as Angelus but afraid of him. His Dad was like “you are the same size?!” Heh. Angelus got bored there too so off we went. We tried to find his friends the other huskies down the street but they weren’t out. Darn.

We played in the snow, Angelus dug in a lot of snowpiles and then we got back home. He is resting up for our next outing. I-80 is closed. Some of the resorts are even closed. Snowed in! Time for me to make some Star Wars pancakes!


  1. Well, I for one am glad the snow is melting up here!

    But for the sake of Stormy and Angelus – I hope you guys get lots more snow in Tahoe! ;D

    I hope the huskies liked their Star Wars pancakes!

  2. We are :) Been snowing all day today with a break tomorrow but then 2 more storms. The huskies made this deal using some magic ;)

    They did not get any of the pancakes and definitely wish to register their displeasure!

  3. awwwww – poor huskies.

    it actually snowed up here yesterday and today (big snow storm yesterday) ugh! Angelus and Storm must have made a deal for Canada too! :)