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I lost the ball to my belly ring while in Florida last month. Didn’t worry about it too much since I had much bigger stuff to think about then (and really still do now but whatever.)

Since then, I’ve pulled/snagged it numerous times on sweaters and it frackin’ hurt (even bleeding once – ouch.) And I kept meaning to go find a new ball for it. But now it’s almost the end of December and I still have not done it. And today, after my shower, the ring came out again. So I left it out.

It’s weird…I’ve had it in for about 15-16 years. But I think I don’t care anymore. The only thing that scares me is does this means I’m getting/feeling old? It’s been a rough year, and a rougher few months, so better to focus on worrying about silly things like this I suppose…


  1. Don’t worry about getting old. Don’t worry at all silly woman! Enjoy life. Enjoy the little things. And just be happy :) – You can always get your belly button re-pierced down the road if you miss it. Don’t sweat it Chica!

  2. pfft – you’re only as old as you want to be – but I remember when I finally took out my rockstar earrings it was like I became a conformist or ‘one of them’ – you can always get another one – I hear Tiffanys is coming out with a line of body piercings ;)

  3. Now THAT would get me to reconsider :)

    The funny thing is, I don’t miss it or care that it is gone. So I am wondering if that feeling is what makes me old ;)

  4. Meh- it’s just a different set of priorities – age will always be there – kinda hard to avoid until time travel and the cryogenic freezing process is perfected. My mind will always be perma-stuck at seventeen years of age.