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This is one of my favorite songs by Sir Paul. I love that he loved his wife so, so much. Proof that true love does exist I think :) And dig that 70s hair! hehehehehe…

I’ve seen him perform this song live. Sounds exactly the same…even better actually since you can feel everyone there getting sucked into such a pretty song. Ok….must be the dreary weather…done being sappy!


  1. sure – pretty song and no doubt he loved Linda. Look he put her in his band (with the microphone off of course) but once she died that love faded and he lost his mind with who he dated/remarried.

    We are suckers for believing in the fiction that keeps us from jumping out of windows.

  2. So should I call you Oscar? Or Mr. Grouch? :)

    He loved her all of her life, until she died. He was tricked, in his grief, by a BLONDE GOLD-DIGGING WHORE (no, I don’t have an opinion on it, why do you ask?) and he rectified it. Expensively…but booted her out! Men are stupid…and fall for the wrong girls.