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Took Indy to the park today to check out the snow and terrain. Have not been there in the past couple of weeks with the new snow. Is always a challenge in early season – do you need snowshoes, is it hot and smushy, how muddy, etc etc.

Had a fun walk. It’s been cold since it dumped snow so thankfully not smushy or muddy. Mostly stayed on trail so no snow shoes were needed as packed down. Let Indy pick our route and had fun. Thankfully, at this time of year the sun is low so mostly shady and not hot.

Just about to the parking lot to go back home…and it hit me…this was my first trip back in the snow here without Smokey. Smokey LOVED the park in the winter. We went all the time. As soon as my brain clicked to it, I started to cry. Not like get sad and mopey and then tear up, but just instantly boom – tears. So weird. But Smokey loved the park so much. And I never really took the buds there in the winter so it was definitely a Smokey spot.

Indy loved it. And we will go back all the time.

But it’s still hard.

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