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This week marked Indy’s 3-month adoption anniversary.

It’s weird because sometimes it feels like it was just last week and other times it feels like it’s been forever. He definitely seems to be settling in. And he appears to love his routine. He has lost a little of the craziness (as much as a husky can!) and is happy. Although I am def exhausted.

And I am happy too. He is a complete sweetheart who loves to have fun. But then also chills when I need him to for the most part.

On Halloween, as I took his cute pictures, I did get very sad. Remembering that just last Halloween I did this with Smokey. And today, taking Indy on a fun hike at Glacier – remembering my last hike there with Smokey was just over a week before he left us. It makes me sad still. Smokey was my best friend. I think the guilt, for lack of a better word, of having fun doing the same things hits me at different times.

But Indy is a love. And deserves nothing but the fun and hopefully awesome life I can provide him.

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