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I’ve never been one to care that much about Valentine’s Day.

I remember as a kid you exchange those small cards with classmates and we always had cupcakes and candy – probably not allowed now because you are either shaming someone, someone has an allergy, someone will be offended, you are assuming a 7 year old’s gender, etc etc. Some stupid pile of steaming shit.

When I had a boyfriend, I did like getting flowers – flowers are pretty. When I didn’t, I always had friends and we did stuff so who cares.

When I had a husband, well…he was not the best at planning. I did like receiving flowers at work because of course you do – especially when everyone else does. But he thought it was stupid to pay 2-3x for the same flowers as any other day. True – makes sense. But still… Also…didn’t get many flowers on all those other days. But anyone who says they don’t like being thought of on a day that is made to make you feel bad if you don’t is lying.

And since being divorced, I truly have not give much thought to Valentine’s Day. Other than the fact that the commercials, and the commercial-ness, on this “holiday” have gotten beyond stupid (can be said for most holidays though.) It went from a “tell the person you love that you love them” to buy them a car or diamonds and it’s really a holiday for your entire family and if you do not receive a house full of flowers and gifts no matter from who you are a complete loser.

But what I realized last night (after yet another barrage of dumb ads – looking at you Kay) is that I have always had a fluffy best friend to hang out with on V Day, no matter what, ever since 2001. I have never spent a Valentine’s Day without my dog(s). Until this year. And had a cat before that…so like 1996? But not in 2022.

So yeah, now I truly hate this holiday.

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