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Why did they change Chewbacca’s look (aka costume but he is a real Wookiee so not a costume so whatever..) in the new trilogy?

Had the Star Wars TNT marathon on last night after the Marvel marathon on some other channel. So had the last part of The Last Jedi on and then Rise of Skywalker. And then just now, turned on TNT and the best movie ever made in all of the history of movies is on…The Empire Strikes Back. That’s the Chewie I love the best.

But if you compare fluff – he’s way bulkier in the final trilogy. I know it’s a different actor for the bulk of the final trilogy but obviously that should not matter.

It annoys me. Not in a psychotic nutjob post my hate all over the internet and any fan forum or story kind of way that people love to do, but it annoys me.

But I love Chewie. No matter what. I guess maybe he got his winter coat (although he did not that on Hoth…)

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