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Today it was about 15 degrees cooler than the last 2 weeks. Heaven! Not for 1 second was I too warm. And this was with me running around between trading and steam cleaning my carpets. And then breaking down old planter barrels. And I actually got chilly this evening!

I so wish I lived some place where it never got warmer than 72 degrees. Hottest part of the hottest day in the sun – 72 degrees. Is that a place? Can someone point me to it? Adn do they have 8 months of winter? That’d be the best.

Smokey was def happier today! Wanted a longer walk. Ate more food. Was so relaxed.

We have cool weather until Saturday and then it starts warming up again until it gets back into the burning shit 80s by mid-next week.

At least the new A/C operates fabulously. I love fresh air. I love having all of my windows open. But I’ll take cool A/C air over hot air. But it sucks. While not a stupid Climate Change Nazi – the fact is humans did this. Not excluding myself (see A/C usage.)

F humans.

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