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Well…probably not “little” but perhaps

Whole house A/C installed!! Took 3 days of guys banging and banging and banging for what seemed like 8 hours straight each day. This greatly stressed out Smokey who has been exhausted each evening because he has not been able to nap since Sunday. But I spent $25k to keep him cool – hopefully he will forgive me lol.

Last year, during the “pandemic”, trading was crazy. Put away $50k ($25k to AC and $25k to taxes – fu guvmint) for this. It took this long since then to get the contractor bid, scheduled, re-scheduled due to parts delay, re-scheduled due to snow and finally installed.

While I wish I would never need it because it would never be warm enough (or smoky enough from fires), I am so, so happy to have it now.

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