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Obviously it’s been a weird year for just about everyone. Well, not politicians, celebrities and uber rich who just do what they want – probably been fine for them other than having to pretend it’s not for us plebs.

I started day trading last February. Like every day, all day. It was fun. Kept my mind off anything else going on. It was good. Made money, stayed busy, was addicted to it. Loved it. Basically – traded and hiked Smokey. And perfectly happy with that being my day.

This year – with our new President (F Biden) and things are different – the market has sucked. Good January – suck February. Super Suck March. And April looks not too much better. So I’ve traded less. A lot less. As a result, I think I’ve realized the world sucks. I mean – I always knew humans suck. But now – everything does. But I have no idea when I can go to Hawaii, or Disney World or anywhere besides the forest without a mask. And simply not interested in going to those places while wearing a fucking mask. Seriously – FUCK CHINA. And fuck humans. And fuck our government.

Smokey is older now. We still go for long walks but not like we used to. So I can’t fill my time with that. Not like I can take him out for a 5 hour hike. We do spend a lot of time outside but I won’t make him go more than I can tell he is comfortable with. Some days 8 miles, some days 3 miles. Although it still has more to do with heat and how hot he gets – thanks Mother Nature (fuck you and your bullshit winter.)

Then throw in the fact that the bay area has invaded my small town. It’s always crowded. Always. And there is garbage and dog poop on the trails where there NEVER was any EXCEPT on holiday week when FN TOURISTS were here. And speeders through my neighborhood ALL THE TIME. I almost got into a fist fight with this fn asshole who was speeding in his Tesla up my street. I hope he choked to death in his sleep. If not yet, I will continue to pray for it.

So I am now angry. Every day. Not all day – if all day I probably would have stabbed someone by now. But it’s still not normal for me. And I hate it. But I literally see no end to it. And that sucks.

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