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Nice! Amazon has the entire 70s Wonder Woman DVD collection on mega sale today!!!$36!!!

Wonder Woman has just been filling my comic life since Comic Con! It’s like the universe knows what I like…or…Amazon has some cookies on my laptop and a great algorithm to offer me stuff to buy. Whatever! Totally getting it! :)

I truly hope they never get a non-animated WW series or movie green-lighted in Hollywood again. The stills from that one that NBC was going to do looked HORRENDOUS. Lynda Carter pulled it off. And anyone who watched and enjoyed it as a kid will never accept another. Face it Hollywood.

Also…their “Customers Who buy this also buy…” finally worked on me. I added the Buck Rogers DVD set too :) Come on – who didn’t love Hawk? And yes…always liked that Erin Gray could kick some arse and not need Buck AND have good hair :)

Finally watched my Wonder Woman animated movie that I think I have had it on my family room table, as well as with me whenever I go up to Tahoe for an extended period, for like…over a year. If not 2. But I’d prefer to not think it’s been that long.  Because that means I have aged 2 years and OBVIOUSLY that is not true.

I liked it a lot. Was a good story, great animation and I was trying to guess the guest star voices :) It kept most of the Wonder Woman beginnings that I remember from my childhood reading. And the changes weren’t so bad that I wanted to say out loud at the screen  “That’s Not Right!” (yes…I have said that out loud in theaters….embarrassing my friends :) )

Funny thing about Wonder Woman mythology is that on the surface it is pretty anti-man, anti-mankind as a whole. I don’t recall ever noticing that as a kid. And since I’m fairly anti-mankind nowadays, it doesn’t bother me at all now…adays.

This movie had some pretty funny lines. Mostly by Steve Trevor (possibly my favorite: [after Diana shows a girl how to swordfight] “That was sweet. Teaching her to disembowel her playmates like that.” I laughed out loud.) And some by Artemis voiced by Rosario Dawson who sounded nothing like the Rosario Dawson of movies (ZERO Puerto Rican accent.)

The bad thing about watching this movie is that is got me searching Amazon for the Justice League movie, JLA seasons from Cartoon network that I missed due to time constraints and putting the Clone Wars Season 2 in my cart.

I bought the Wonder Woman Kotobukiyi statue while at Comic-Con. I have found that the female figures done are a) way cooler and b) rarer since most geek buyers are male so buy them up FAST :) Don’t believe me? Sample of an eBay auction for another statue that I want: “Kotobukiya CATWOMAN Bishoujo statue by Shunya BOOBS!” Yeah…so…anyway….a fairly good investment. *shaking head*

I really liked her when I saw her. I wasn’t planning on buying her. I was at the booth to buy the Han in Carbonite ice trays as well as the Star Wars light saber chopsticks (yeah…what?) Anyway, I saw her and liked her. Impulse buy! Kotobukiya does a good job with their statues. Their Chewbacca has been on my Find and Buy list for awhile.

I put her up on the living room bookshelf. Husband “demands” the collectibles kept in the home office so the house doesn’t start to look like The 40-year old Virgin’s house. Whatever. I get it. But whatever. I keep my voice-controlled R2 unit in the living room. Anyway, I put the WW statue up on the bookshelf in the living room. On the shelf with some Greek mythology. That works, right? Let’s see how long it takes for him to notice :)

I saw some pictures of the new, new Wonder Woman costume. It appears the studio/show took notice of the complete hate on the internet for the new costume/look that was “leaked” a couple weeks ago.

New pics here:


But their changes simply changed the reason to hate it. So they took away the shiny pleathery-looking tights/pants and replaced them with cloth. Now they appear to wrinkle – excellent. Pretty sure every single reader of super hero comics can confirm – the costumes don’t wrinkle!! Ever!!!

They changed her boots back to red from the blue they originally had her in. But they look like weird elf-toe boots that sag. With no heels. I get that it would be impossible for WW to run around in the heels she had – but this is fantasy and she is a super hero. The flat boots only serve to make the actress’ feet look big and the boot to appear slumpy. Again – super hero costumes are made of magic material that does NOT sag, slump or wrinkle!

Her costume top looks like it is sagging down. And still shiny and pleathery. And impossibly (since we saw the push-up action in the earlier stills) her boobs looks saggy and small.

Now, these were action and candid shots so I get it’s not the same as the posed look but eww. Double and triple eww actually.

The actress isn’t right for the part. Hair, make-up everything. Let’s face it – no actress would be perfect as we (WW fans) use the comics as the all-around model and Lynda Carter as the “real-life” incarnation. No offense to Adrianne Palicki who was great on Friday Night Lights, and is a very pretty girl, but she is not right for this role. No actress is.

How she is supposed to look

Don’t get me wrong, I will watch the show. All 3-4 episodes of it before it gets canceled. Just like I watched “Birds of Prey” when they aired it. And this show and costume has made me like the new version of her costume in the comics more which I totally hated but at least is better than the junk made for the new show.

Maybe they just need to keep the female superheroes animated? The only female comic character that has been well done in recent years (post Lynda Carter’s WW) is Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman. And that was 1992. I am not a fan of Anne Hathaway attempting this character but we will see. Maybe she can pull it off? She is nowhere near as hot and sexy as Michelle Pfeiffer but maybe she at least won’t wreck Selina/Catwoman like Halle Berry did (who also completely wrecked Storm/Ororo in the X-Men movies. Ugh.)

Anyway, I am bummed they are apparently wrecking Wonder Woman. Might it be good and a pleasant surprise? Sure. I suppose. But I am not holding my breath. I did however just buy this which is waaaaay cuter than the stupid new costume :)

WW Cami set

Grown-up Underoos! :)

So the big news yesterday (well, on the internet anyway..ok, twitter, tumblr and Facebook at least!) was that Wonder Woman was “re-vamped”. New costume and new back story. Huh?

Apparently the new issue in comic book stores this past Tuesday features the new Wonder Woman. I have not seen it. I actually haven’t read Wonder Woman for years but she is still, and always will be, my favorite super heroine. I still look every year to see if someone makes a good WW costume for Halloween. I have never found one that is great. So now what? No more chances? :(

She was my first “hero” comic. I read Archie (I preferred Veronica over Betty and didn’t understand what either saw in Archie), Richie Rich and Scrooge McDuck (of course I did) when I was young but then graduated to Wonder Woman and then Justice League, Justice Society, New Teen Titans, The Outsiders, etc and then onto the darker (IMO) Marvel titles.

I gave up my subscriptions years back as I simply have no more room to store my comics. I saved all of my old ones – bagged and boarded in acid free boxes, blah blah. But with all of my Star Wars collectibles – just ran out of storage space. Plus I found I just stored most of them and didn’t read them all as I ran out of time with starting our own company and working all the time. Stupid grown up stuff…

But I do like the new Justice League cartoon. And I would love for DC to also offer a digital reader. I read yesterday (I think) that they are but didn’t read the story as my guess it’s for the iPad and I am not buying that thing yet. Need 2nd or 3rd gen for sure. I want to be able to subscribe to my favorite titles and have them there on my digital reader just like I used to have them in my inbox at the comic book store. :)

But I digress…WW was my first hero(ine). Thanks to Wonder Woman, I got into reading a LOT of Greek and Roman mythology. So…are they messing with that history? What they were messing with wasn’t exactly clear in the articles I read, and I might have to go buy the issue (or stand in the comic book store and read it) to see. Wonder Woman kicked ass. And she didn’t need any help to do it. I like that. I can’t imagine they will change that part (after all she is a super hero) but what will be changed? I’m sure I’ll rant about it here if I don’t like it :)

But why change her story? Why write all this history and create this iconic character and then go “oh – let’s muck with it.” Will she pull a Bobby and walk out of the shower and everything will have been a dream? (random 80s reference.) Or are we just going to not even mention all these decades of history and stories and basically just press re-start on her character? See…I will probably have to see. But I don’t really want to pay for the comic and support this endeavor when I am 100% completely against it.

And changing her outfit? I’m sure all of the fanBOYS will be against it as she is definitely one of, if not THE sexiest characters in comics. But this girl is against it too. I saw a picture of her new outfit. Yuck. Triple Yuck. They basically took Black Canary’s outfit, tweaked it and gave it to Diana. WTF? Giant FAIL. And don’t even get me started on the fact that they took away the American Flag theme about her costume. She fought the Nazis in that costume for crying out loud. LEAVE IT ALONE!

New Wonder Woman

Of course this is only 1 fan’s opinion. But every time they try and make big changes to their main characters, DC mucks it up. I still have my “Superman is Dead” issue in the sealed plastic bag with the black armband. I guess time will tell if people like it. If sales go up (I assume this is why it was done) and maybe they can finally cast her movie.

Maybe the point of this is not about re-inventing her story and making “powerful stories for a strong woman character who didn’t need to flaunt her body” (yeah, I read that in 1 of the articles yesterday and wanted to vomit.)

Maybe it’s as simple as the Powers That Be at DC realized there was no way anyone could ever fill the costume left vacant since the 70s after Lynda Carter made it her own so if they want to cash in on another hero franchise they needed to make a change to accommodate a wider array of actresses. And if they happen to ever cast Megan Fox or Kim Kardashian (I’ve read both rumors but likely started by their agents) as WW I will ban all DC Comics from my life forever.

Who knows. But this fan currently says Jim Lee and DC can suck it….

Why the hell would you change this?

Maybe I’ll try and sneak off to Lee’s to see the new issue. It’s my birthday on Friday…so breaking out of work for a quick trip to the comic book store might be in order :) And then maybe I’ll pull down my comic boxes and re-read some old classics…

“Update” Wonder Woman. As if…pfft…oh and meh.

I seriously need to build my Halloween costume around these:

PINK boots!!! Not something I could wear around normally, unless I gave up my day job to work as a stripper. But for Halloween? Perfect! Now what could I be that would be work appropriate(ish)? Hmmm….

Last year I didn’t dress up :( The year before I was an Eskimo girl with my 2 huskies – they are very key to my costume :)

Eskimo and her sled dogs

Eskimo and her sled dogs

That was a cute costume that was also comfy. Will definitely need to recycle and wear again.

The year before I was Little Red Riding Hood (see – the huskies are key!)

Red 2006

Red 2006

I didn’t like that costume as much (or that picture – look like a frackin’ undead Red!) But it did go well with my little wolves :) And I cannot find a single picture of me with them in that costume. What the heck? I know we took some. It was fun to walk around in that costume with the buds. *Pretty much* everyone got the reference. It’s too big for me now (HA!) but the costume is really great movie-like quality. I need to find the name of that manufacturer and check out their other costumes.

A few years ago I was Jeannie.

brunette Jeannie :)

brunette Jeannie :)

That’s a very comfy costume to wear actually but it was FREEZING that year so going outside = bad! Plus it’s too big for me now too! (double-HA!) I do like comfy costumes though. Nothing that will make me hot, with a big rubber head/mask, be itchy, stuff like that.

I have always wanted to be Slave Leia but husband’s head would explode if I wore that anywhere. I told him that I WILL wear it to Comic-Con one year (while I’m still able to pull it off!) – even if only for a couple hours. But obviously not a work-appropriate costume.

I have the white Leia dress from Star Wars. But that whole costume is really the hair. and not sure I can get that to how I want it so it looks good. And I don’t think I should *really* use Cinnabons since then the huskies would want to eat my head! :)

Last year I found a cute Indiana Jones-girl costume. And a cute Batgirl so maybe I’ll look for those. I’ve always wanted to be Wonder Woman but the costumes for that are always yucky. You’d think they would make a good one since she is SUCH a popular character.

I can’t think of any other good ones that would go with the huskies. I have always wanted to get them some sheep costumes made. So they can be wolves in sheep’s clothing :) And then I could go as Little Bo Beep :) THAT would be cute!!!

I have never dressed them up except for the 1 year I got them each to sit for a millisecond while I got pictures of them in a Darth Vader costume.

Darth Angelus

Darth Angelus

Darth Storm

Darth Storm

I went through almost a whole bag of liver biscotti to get them to sit long enough to put the costume on and take those pics. They said quite clearly that they are not clowns for our amusement :)

The year before I did put an angel halo on Angelus and devil horns on Storm. Storm shook his off and chewed them :) I can’t find those pics though…my guess is Storm found a way to delete those too :)

If I recycle, I will be the Eskimo girl again I think. This picture always me laugh because we were being inappropriate with the fuzzy popsicle (?) that came with my costume :)

Girls are funny :)

Girls are funny :)

I could get a little toy sled for the buds or something to make it different! Oh well..who knows. I better get on it though. Only a little more than 3 weeks to go!