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Ok, this clip rules! I love Jane Lynch. I don’t watch Glee but I think I might start just to watch her. She is so awesome in everything I see her in. I even like her so much in those commercials with Julia-Louise Dreyfus hocking some frozen food brand that I actually watch the ad instead of fast-forwarding through it!

I also really loved Madonna’s Vogue (and of course the magazine ;) ) I’m not into her new stuff very much. But Vogue is a forever classic for me. It also reminded me of a very funny night (to me anyway and this is MY blog!)…

I went to an art benefit – black tie soiree (I was wearing what my friend called my Jessica Rabbit dress, although black and not red, hiiigh heels (loved that dress!) years and years ago with my boyfriend at the time and another couple of best friends. We were the only people there who were under the ago of 40 (which at that time was like almost in the coffin to us!) so we had our own table. We mingled the requisite amount but mostly kept ourselves amused.

The event was held in a castle – at least a home built to look like a castle high up in the hills out here. Rumor was it was built using stones brought over from a real castle in England but I have no idea. Good story though. Very cool place to hold events, that’s for sure. It was raining, thundering and lightning out which is very unusual for Northern California in the summer. But it definitely added to the castle/black tie event vibe!

They had a mingling/dinner/after dinner band playing but then a DJ started after that. And the DJ played the lounge and jazz stuff appropriate for everyone’s attire but then played Vogue! So the 4 of us got up and started (well, as best we could anyway) Vogueing/Madonna’s moves from this video. Everyone else stopped and watched up and clapped when we were done. And we of course ended with our hands around our face like the video and we did strike a pose! I’m sure we looked GOOOOOFY but we laughed and laughed and it pretty much made the entire the night. Definitely made it memorable as I still remember it and giggle to myself. A good memory to hold on to.

But Jane here does it better – watch the video!

I *definitely* want to see the new movie “The September Issue”. It’s a full-access (supposedly/hopefully) behind the scenes look at Anna Wintour and her solidified place in the fashion industry. I don’t usually even read Vogue but I kind of want to see if I can find the September issue now (after reading about the movie and watching the full trailer!)

After reading and/or watching “The Devil Wears Prada”, I think we assume we know what she is like. But at the end of the day, most executives in large companies are that demanding. Just because she is a woman, she is a bitch? Meh – I saw a LOT worse and heard just as many crazy demands when I worked at a hedge fund. All by men.

Of course, Meryl Streep was FAN-tastic in the role of Miranda. The book made the assistant (Andy) seem like a big whiner to me. They toned that feeling down a lot in the movie. She was much more likable. The same went for the Nanny Diaries actually. Whine, whine, whine girls!! I can recall soooo many out of this world requests when I was the assistant to the Managing General Partner of the hedge fund where I worked. And so many more for other assistants after I didn’t have to do them anymore :) I could probably write a book full of crazy stuff the “average” person would be shocked at/laugh at/shake their head at/wonder why the hell people stayed there. None of the stuff in the book or the movie shocked me or made me think – what a horrible bitch she is. It’s called a job people…but it does make for good reading for those on the outside of the situation!

I might wait for this to come out on DVD though. Seems more fun to watch it while wearing some insanely fashionable outfit that wouldn’t be comfortable at ALL in a movie theater and drinking a glass or 2 of Veuve Cliquot :)