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I got it! I received some Nordstrom gift cards for Christmas from elves who knew I wanted this sweater :)

I tried it on a few weeks ago at the Juicy store and it’s SO cute!!! Plus PERFECT colors for me! Will look even more marvelous on me with my new dark brown hair ;) hehehe


I was a bit concerned about the fur. It’s fake of course (so it says in big bold lettering inside) but I would hate for anyone to see it and think it’s real.  Anyone that knows me AT ALL would never think that but people walking around might. I know I internally judge people that I see wearing things that look like real fur. I don’t go all PETA on them or anything but I fantasize about it as I walk by and give them the evil eye.  Well, if anyone says anything, I can show them the tag!! Of course, I also wonder if it’s a case of the “fake fur” made in China that’s actually real fur because the Chinese are schmucks. But I will assume that Juicy Couture is smart enough to not want that kind of PR. (I stress a lot huh?)

I do have to add that I think it’s LAME that Nordstrom only allows you to use 1 gift card for an online order. So I had to call to place the order. The girl was pleasant and fast but still – annoying.  They finally started offering free shipping and returns so hopefully they fix that too!

It’s scheduled to arrive on or around January 9th! YAY!!!!

Sometimes you don’t want to wear 4″ or 5″ heels…for those occasions you need cute flats. Found some! AND I had a gift card from my birthday last year still to use at Nordstrom so voila! In conclusion – they are mine!! :)

Can’t wait to get them! Hopefully they fit well. LOVE the bronze color!

…I might have to accidentally buy these…

Miss Sixty 'Scarlett' Pump

Miss Sixty 'Scarlett' Pump

Can see them with my cute black&white plaid skirt w/cute tights for fall/winter. Or a multitude of other cute fall & winter skirt/dress outfits :)

And seeing the need for a new little black dress that would work…

This pretty Kooba “Devin” is on sale at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale right now. They have it in the PERFECT color of chocolate brown…and I have some gift cards there from my birthday…..free shipping right now….3% back from using eBates.com….hmmm…

Kooba "Devin" in Chocolate - beautious!

Kooba "Devin" in Chocolate - beautious!

Bought 2 new pairs of shoes at the big Nordstrom sale! Best part is I had a gift certificate from my birthday last year so one of them was practically free!!

First pair is Marc by Marc Jacobs – dark chocolate brown. I have been looking for a pair of chocolate brown pumps forever! Now I just need the elusive chocolate brown bag!!

And then I found some SUPER soft black leather peep-toe pumps by Guess. The leather is ridiculously soft & comfy.

Both pairs cost me $100!! Successful shopping trip…bringing me to 3 new pairs of shoes on this trip (although the the latter 2 cannot compare to the first one!!) Sales are great! :)

After shopping we were starved so we showered & got dressed to go to our favorite Vegas restaurant – Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak house. I love this place!! The ribeye is sooooo good. And the 3 cheese macaroni & cheese is sinful.

Did not have room for dessert this time but did have 2 glasses of Moet White Star – this is a great bubbly. Served at our wedding reception. Moderately priced but very, very tasty.

Now time for bed like the Vegas party animal that I am :) Miss my doggies terribly and am excited to be going home tomorrow and see them!!!