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I just read a story that Ashton Kutcher turned over his twitter feed to his management company. So…what’s the point of having it now?

To be clear, I don’t like Ashton. I think he is douche. I’ve always thought he was a douche. Long before his cheating or replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men (which he doesn’t do well.) BUT, I appreciated the fact that he tweeted a lot and seemed to use the medium to connect with fans. He seemed genuine about that at least.

But now, because he tweeted something stupid, and got flamed for it, he disconnects. #fail

He is a celeb living in a very small, protected bubble. So it’s absolutely no surprise to me that he didn’t know anything about the biggest headline for the past few days (Joe Paterno.) I seriously doubt the guy is sitting around watching CNN or Fox News in the morning. Or picking up a paper on the way to the office. My husband doesn’t watch the news. He is not on twitter. And he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about college football. So he also knew nothing about the story. He said he saw a headline and didn’t think about it again.

And while I enjoyed bagging on Ashton for saying such a stupid thing because…well…I don’t like him much…it seems ridiculous that this much has been made of it. It was crystal clear he didn’t know what he was talking about. Anyone who thinks he didn’t know and was deliberately being an insensitive jerk is an idiot themselves. So call him out for being a bad fact-checker. Call him out for being out of touch. And definitely call him out for being a cheating bastard who is no Charlie Sheen (let’s think about that…) But that’s about it.

And turning over his twitter account to a management team? I think the whole reason people follow celebs on twitter is for them to be themselves and say inane, honest or random things. In the story I just read, one of the PR guys says he would rather his clients, whose tweets go through a vetting, tweet 1 or 2 times per month and say “something of meaning rather than endless prattle every day.” But I disagree. I think people follow celebs FOR that prattle. Otherwise, it’s just a soundbite. Or a story in People or US. And then who really cares about them on twitter at all?

Do I think Ashton is a tool? Yes. Am I on Team Demi when I don’t even really like Demi? Yes. Do I hate finding myself defending 1 word uttered by him? Yes. But I do defend it. Jeez – the guy is a douche. A clue less douche. But hardly worth the vitriol thrown at him on twitter last night (although I did find some of them amusing – especially the misspelled ones calling him an idiot.)

Seriously people…words are words. Stop placing so much importance on words. Actions mean more. Words, pretty/misleading/false/hopeful/hurtful can be uttered by a complete boob. And often are (see Washington DC.)

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