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So we got home (well, to the hotel) last night around 1:30am ish. Husband googled Colin Farrell as we were talking about his earlier movies and he wanted to check some of them out. Apparently, one of the top pages that came up in the google results was colin farell + herpes. Awesome. So of course husband clicked story. It wasn’t so much a story about Colin Farrell as a list of celebs that have been seen buying the herpes medicine or have admitted to it. Fn yuck.

And the list was long. And not just filled with the obvious such as the Hiltons, Lohans and Kardashians of the world. But people like Bill Clinton (although I guess one is kinda obvious), Scarlett Johannsen, Brad Pitt, Janet Jackson and more. And then Katie Holmes was on that list?? WHAT?!?! Little sweet Joey from Dawson’s Creek?? She has had like 1 boyfriend and 1 husband. Oh wait…look down the list and there is Joshua Jackson. Oh Pacey…say it ain’t so…

But I have to sit and wonder what the hell is wrong with these people? If you know you have a communicable disease why are you having unprotected sex, kissing whatever with open sores??? ARGH! Guh-ROSS!!! What is wrong with you???

And Hollywood is just 1 big high school class so don’t you girls talk to each other?? Derek Jeter apparently gave 3 or 4 of the girls on the list herpes. Hello???

Now, I have no idea what is true about the list or not. And have no interest or intention in looking further. But if I had a low opinion of celebs before (which I did), it sunk even lower. I just don’t think most of them are very bright. And then they live in their weird bubble of warped reality. With a lot of money and no one to tell them no or teach them about clean living. Bad combo. This doesn’t mean all actors are like this. Big, BIG difference between actors and celebrities.

On the bright side though, Colin Farrell was extremely polite and gracious at the event last night. So many people were crowding around and asking for pictures (yes, me too as he came by) and autographs. And he accommodated everyone who asked and answered questions. Very nice. So I can only say why did you sleep with Lindsay Lohan and get diseased poor sir…

This was the website: