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Just saw Valentine’s Day tonight. Yes…closer to St. Patrick’s Day now but still enjoyable :)

Very cute movie. Great cast in that you get little bits of people and no one has to carry the movie. I love movies like that – stories intertwined, characters mixing in the various plot lines. Pulp Fiction and Love Actually come to mind as favorites.

This is definitely a cute movie. But it’s not cutesie.  Not everyone ends up together. But like Love Actually, it shows different kinds and stages of love.

I don’t think I’ve liked Julia Roberts all that much since Pretty Woman but her small role here is good.

And the end actually surprised me a bit. There are a lot of story lines to wrap up and some are predictable going in. But some aren’t. I liked that. Nothing earth-shattering. No one will win an Oscar. But who cares – it’s a nice, fun, enjoyable movie. That’s actually called “entertainment”. I can watch the news or read the paper if I want real life.

Oh…and to the critics who panned Taylor Swift’s small role. You know who you are –  you said she is a horrible actress and she really needs to learn a lot before taking on any new role…umm…she was playing a 17-18 year old teenage girl in high school in love with the cute boy in her school on Valentine’s Day. Either you have never been or known a teenage girl in your life or you need to up your happy pill dose.  She portrayed that exact role perfectly. She wasn’t going for Heathers here…

Anyway, I recommend it if you enjoy light-hearted, upbeat movies where you can just sit and watch and not have to think too much.