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So I DVRed and am finally caught up on 3 new shows this season:

American Horror Story

I caught up on Ringer first since I saw the panel at SDCC and thought it looked pretty good. Plus it has Buffy in it :) It’s quite addictive and has GREAT clothes.

I started watching American Horror Story solely based on the cast. I don’t really like horror stuff. Too many scary movies. Who needs it. But I love Dylan McDermott (sorry…he is HOT and 50!! FIFTY! Whoa!) plus Mrs Coach (from Friday Night Lights) and Jessica Lange who is truly fantastic. Plus the rest of the cast is great. All of them. Really. It’s disturbing. And creepy. I will not ever watch it when I am home alone. But it’s great writing.

After I got my 2nd spinal cortisone injection on Tuesday, and had to stay home resting, I watched the 4 episodes of Revenge I had DVRed. LOVED it! What a guilty-pleasure fun show! Of course I love the bad girl, Madeline Stowe – she is so much fun to hate :) Great show about getting revenge – nice!!! No BS moral quandary – revenge for a huge wrong! Muahuahauhuaha!!!

My problem with all 3 of these shows is that while they are all very entertaining and fun to watch, I have to wonder how long they can last. Can they go past 1 season? Shows like this need to be written for the storyline. Like Lost. Like X-Files. They should not be kept going solely because they become sensations. And they get popular with good ratings so they get written to drag on. It happened to Lost (although they redeemed in their last season.) And don’t even get me started on X-Files. Such a FANTASTIC show that was dragged on for no good reason when they should have wrapped it up on a high note.

We’ll see. Personally I do not see how any of these 3 shows can go past season 1. Their plots are written to be a great story told. And then that’s it.

I hope their season 1 is a crazy, high ratings whirlwind that the actors and writers and studios make tons of money, ratings and awards from. But please do not drag them on. Stay true to their currently awesomely fun plots/story lines. Or be really, really creative if you intend to continue. Because I do not accept a past season was a dream sequence. Or that a main character is kidnapped by ?aliens? (or someone) or that their are others spying on Others of relatives of others from an island that doesn’t even exist…..

Cuz I’ve been there and done that. Plus I’m still convinced it was Vincent’s dream all along…