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Would you just drop the dang price already?!?! Or are you waiting for AAPL to officially announce their “iPad”? Sigh….

As I was reading “Breaking Dawn” in bed last night I realized I think I *really* do want a Kindle. I have big, heavy books (have you tried to read Atlas Shrugged using 1 hand to hold it up??) And if I want to keep as much of me snuggled warm under the covers, it’s hard to hold a big, heavy book with one hand and turn pages. I almost had to break out the Snuggie ;)

And since it seems like it will be a while before a color screen version of an e-reader comes out, that will display comics and graphics novels (unless the Apple iPad does?), I want to go ahead and get the less expensive Kindle 2 while waiting for a color screen with comic titles available (I assume it will be well over a year away for a Kindle version.)

And Apple will price their e-reader WAY too high. And the bits and pieces I’ve gleaned off the web describe it as a device needing a monthly subscription fee from a carrier – say wha? No thanks. But then, it is just speculation and gossip right now so who knows.

BUT…what if Apple does release the iPad and then Amazon doesn’t want to stay in the e-reader hardware business so it doesn’t keep working on a color version?? They already allow Apple to offer the Kindle iPhone app so what if they just phase out the Kindle hardware and allow Apple to take over the market? Hmmm…

I think I might be over-thinking this…

So I am impatiently waiting in hopes that Amazon will lower their Kindle 2 price a bit…and also why I chose for any revenue off my AMZN links to be paid to me in AMZN gift cards :)

Husband said maybe Santa will bring it to me. I am SO not waiting for Santa on this one…and really…Santa should be mining diamonds for my gifts :)